Why Were Mobile Phones Invented?

mobile phones invented
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Mobile phones are a true boon when it comes to communicating with your loved ones but have you ever wondered why were mobile phones invented? Before the invention of mobile phones, people had to revert to other modes of communication to share the news with their family members or just casually chat with them. 

Today’s generation would never understand how difficult it was if you had to send a message to someone because they have been accustomed to this era of mobile phones and communication is a cakewalk here. However, since we have told you it wasn’t a good time before the invention of mobile phones, you must be intrigued about why were mobile phones invented. Right? 

Well, before we jump into the straight one-line answer let us look closely at the term ‘Mobile Phone’. Did you find your answer there? Congratulations if you did because you have amazing observational skills but for those who didn’t, we have got you covered.

The Answer Lies In The Name

You must have come across this term ‘mobile’. If you go by the dictionary meaning of it you would know that mobile means to be able to move freely and without any restriction. Now isn’t that what you do with your mobile phones? You travel meters, cities and even fly overseas with your mobile phones. It is your constant companion.

Modes Of Communication Before Mobile Phones

mobile phones invented

When you read about the times before the invention of mobile phones you will come to know that communication was never “mobile” before. If you wanted to get in touch with someone you had to come to a telephone or other modes of communication such as telegram. A telegram was a device that could type messages and then send it across for you. However, it had its limitations as well. You could only type a certain number of characters in a telegram meaning there was a character limit like your text messages now. 

Going way behind that, there were more traditional modes of communication such as smoke signals, messengers, and letters. You would have got an idea about how difficult the times were. This was all about the times before the existence of mobile phones and it was surely tough. But, was just before the invention of mobile phones, radio phones that were used in vehicles such as cars or trucks by police. People were tied to these vehicles when they wanted to communicate with each other. Mind that this wasn’t even a worldwide communication you could only connect with someone within a particular range. With these limitations, Martin Cooper an American engineer raised that we needed a communication mode that could be carried around with us. Thus, mobile phones were invented. 

Tough Times Lead To The Invention

Difficult times demand greater measures and thus, this revolution was started. However, there was another reason which could account for the reason behind the mobile phone invention. Martin`s employing company Motorola had a rival company called Bell Labs. the latter was also working towards inventing a new form of communication and thus, in rivalry and communication these devices were invented.


The reason behind why was mobile phones invented is pretty straightforward but what changed after this invention was a head-turner.

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