Why Do Phone Explode Very Frequently? – How Can You Prevent It?

Phone Explode
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Smartphones are a basic need. Almost every person now owns a cell phone as they have become a necessity. Everyone knows how to use a cellphone. However, most of you might not yet be aware of the risk of cell phone explosion.

Recently Samsung has recalled its Galaxy Note 7 due to multiple phones explode cases. Phone blast is not only the problem of Samsung, there are other brands also which are facing the same issue. Means smartphone heating is not an isolated issue of Samsung. There is indeed some reasoning behind the phone battery blast that only science can explain.

Why Do Phone Blast?

Most of the smartphone explosions did not come from mobiles themselves. Most batteries are the culprit. The most common cause of phone explode is when we recharge it too much. This is what happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and another mobile phone brand. Additionally, battery defects are the major reason.     

In a mobile phone battery system, some separators prevent two electrodes from connecting. When the separators will not work properly it is more like that the two electrodes will touch each other and may cause an explosion.

When both the electrodes will come in contact, the electrolytes will directly receive the entire energy which is suppose to stay in the battery. This is generally unusual as it should be the electrodes that should receive energy.

Electrolytes are very unstable and are too sensitive to heat. When there is so much heat, electrolytes react and cause chemicals to produce gas, which can elevate the current level of heat. Every time such chemicals react more and more gas is produce which results in producing more heat. This results in thermal runaway and causes fire.

Why Overcharging Results In Phone Heating Up And Explosion?

Most smartphone batteries use lithium-ion batteries. These are designed to tolerate/prevent overheating/overcharging. These are made like a bucket where the bucket will never break even if you keep on pouring more liquid into it. Here the liquid will only overflow but the bucket will never break.

When a phone blasts, the common reason can be a factory defect. Some of the phone batteries will not explode even after overcharging. But there is a limit to everything.

Princeton University materials scientist Dan Steingart says, “The battery is like a rubber band. When you’re charging the battery, you’re stretching the rubber band; when you’re using it, you’re releasing it. Just like a rubber band can break if you stretch it too much, putting too much energy into one side will ruin the battery.”

Overcharging is very different from charging a smartphone too much. Remember, what makes the smartphone battery explode is too much charging. Too much battery charging causes plating. When plating occurs, lithium present in the phone’s battery produces dendrites which can short out the battery anytime, especially when the heat level is very high.

Battery defects and overcharging simply ruin the normal battery working. When the phone’s battery does not work properly, it diverts the power of electrolytes, which are not suppose to receive it as electrolytes and thus cause phone heating up and then the explosion.

How To Prevent Phone Blast?

Due to multiple smartphone explosion cases, scientists are now studying and developing a particular type of electrolyte that does not cause explosion easily. This electrolyte is called ionic fluid and is less susceptible to heat. The electrolyte is safe and stable. This electrolyte requires much more heat to cause an explosion in the phone battery. So, it can tolerate overcharging.

However, still scientists are working on the downside of using ionic fluid as an electrolyte. The major issue in using ionic fluid is that it can affect smartphone battery life. This is because heat delivers power and energy. So, anything which reduces heat will also reduce energy and in the case of the battery, battery life is directly impacted. Also, ANYTHING THAT HOLDS MUCH ENERGY FOR A LONG IS A POTENTIAL BOMB.

Currently, manufacturers of cell phones have to make do with lithium-ion batteries, while scientists are still working on making better and safe alternatives. For now, users should take into account safety measures to prevent smartphone batteries from exploding.

Try to avoid overcharging of mobile phone. Furthermore, you should avoid using incompatible chargers. Most of the mobile chargers which are incompatible with cell phones can cause an explosion, too.

Any news about phone heating up or phone explode should not make people panic as the problem can be avoid with the proper use of mobile chargers and cell phones. Manufacturers also provide safety precautions and safety instructions for using chargers and batteries. These safety measures should be followed to avoid any kind of phone explosion issue.

How To Protect Yourself From Phone Explode?

Phone explosion is something that can not be stop by a normal human being, however, you can still follow some general tips which can help you protect yourself and your mobile phone from catastrophe. Some general warning signs which will show if your battery is damage and can explode include swelling, popping, or a hissing sound. Below are some steps you can take to stop phone explosion.

  • Be Mindful Of Where You Charge Your Smartphone: – Do not charge phones for a long time in really hot places like, in direct sunlight, hot days, next to a radiator, or on a car dashboard.
  • Never Charge Your Phone In Bed: – It is very tempting to read a book or watch a video before you fall asleep, but you do not want to roll over on your cell phone and have to overheat. Not to mention, but leaving your phone under a pillow when it is plugged will surely cause smartphone heating.
  • Always Stick To First–Party Charger: – You should always use the charger which you have received with the mobile phone to make sure that your device is getting optimal current and voltage. If you are using quick chargers or USB type – C ports, it is recommended to stick with the cable which came in the box.
  • Do Not Charge Your Phone If It Is Hot: – If your phone is hot, never put it on charging. Allow it to cool down and then put it on charging. Also, while charging if you feel that your phone is becoming hot, remove it from charging and after cooling down, put it back on charge. Make sure not to cover your phone with anything to let heat escape properly.

If you ever notice a battery swelling issue, unplug your device and remove the battery (only if the battery is user-removable). Never dispose of the battery or mobile device in the trash. Always dispose of batteries at some electronic retailers or authorized disposal facilities like Best Buy which offers battery recycling services.

Above are some of the main causes and precautions which you should follow to get rid of phone explode. Do let us know in the comments if you have other ideas for saving your phone from heating up.

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