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Vertu Mobile
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Vertu Mobile was founded in 1998 by Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia in GB and retailer of luxury, handmade telephones. Nokia sold Vertu to EQT VI for an undisclosed sum in October 2012, maintaining a 10% stake. By the end of 2013, the company had around 350 thousand customers and 500 outlets, 70 of them owned by the company, had mobile phones sold.

Things Which Make Vertu Mobile Different From The Crowd

1. A++ Sensation Of Hand

Every phone must feel just like the Signature Contact Vertu in the palm. At least twice my eyes rolled back into my head because the raised seam was overwhelmingly fun to flow from the back of your screen, the cool titanium edges, and the device’s pleasing heaviness. It’s nearly twice the iPhone 5S weight. When the phones haven’t been ridiculously light, remember? This one calls for the return of beef. The best aspect is how heavier buildings sound from their touchscreen with better than haptic feedback. The other phones don’t have a deeper, machine-like blow

2. Value Construction And Materials

Solid and durable titan, a sparkle-resistant crystal mirror, a back covered in a high-quality animal hide, and a ceramic “pillow” around the earpieces of the handset are expensive in the Vertu mobile Signature Touch. This is all part of its exorbitant price. Even the SIM-cardholder is thriving: a small handle on the back of your phone is folded, twisted, and a swinging door is opened. The bottom of this door is signed by a grafting device; every phone in the English factory of Vertu is installed by one person, from the soup to the nozzles.

3. Tones And Speakers Of Luxury

As you turn on the phones, the ears are greeted with the London Symphony Orchestra’s dope flute riff. You hear a sick flute mini-jam mixed with some bird noises every time you receive an incoming post. This phone has tones from the top shelf, all of them registered by LSO. The front speakers are also exceptionally strong and sound much quieter and lighter than most telephone speakers. However, there’s no punch on the low-end.

4. Protection Like Z Security

If your privacy is respected, be sure that Signature Touch can lock your text and telephone messages (but not your emails). The Signature Touch is supported with Silent Circle driven speech, video, and text encryption. Please be informed, to achieve full end-to-end encryption the message receiver must also run the company’s Silent Phone or Silent Text app. You can only register your phone for the first year with Silent Circle Features.

Specification Of Vertu Mobile Phones

1. The Magnificent Screen

The 1080p monitor of the Vertu Signature Touch is 473ppi and looks fantastic. The pixels are much tighter than the Google Nexus 5 phones (445ppi), HTC One M8 (441ppi), or Samsung Galaxy S5 (432ppi), but to see an immense difference you would need more eye than mine. It is a high-quality high-profile, tack-sharp computer, but if you wanted holograms, IMAXs, and cash from its 4.7″ show, no dice. The size and resolution of the films are perfect in scenery Mode.

2. OS And Features Up-To-Date

Whether or not, earlier models of Vertu’s phones were much harder to market, as they had no up-to-date components or operating systems. That’s not an issue with that handset, as the latest Android Signature Touch packages KitKat 4.4.2, a Qualcomm 800 CPU 2.3GHz quad-core, and RAM gigs. You have NFC, 4G networks around the world support, and voice support features from Google Now. All these things together make the Signature Touch one of the latest high-end Android phones.

3. An Outstanding Camera

The 13-megapixel Signature Touch camera is also solid, competing very well with some of the better smartphone cameras I used. Bass light is good for a telephone – using HDR mode or manually adjusting its ISO size – and the interface in collaboration with Hasselblad has been created. The mix includes a few scene modes, exposure compensation settings, and changes to white balance, too.

Some Models Of Vertu Mobile Phones

Vertu Mobile Signature Cobra Limited Edition  One of the latest, ludicrous epitomes, the Signature Cobra Limited Edition is wrapped in a snake of exactly 439 rubies with emerald eyes. It was made of 388 parts and is assembled manually in the United Kingdom. Eight units of this phone are alarmingly! Moreover; if you feel like buying one, you could take JD.com and book it in advance at just $145 (approximately Rs 9,500), and then Vertu deliveries the handset in a helicopter when you have a full payment of a paltry $360,000 (approximately Rs 2,3 crore).  
Vertu Clous De Paris Red Gold  Vertu Cloud De Paris red gold uses a special dial-guilloche or prickly type for its main towers, side cheeks, and back, for a cost of just 39,100 (approximately Rs 33 lakh). You use a Rubi-Vertu key for the bling lover and you polish the front and keys in black Saphire, not gold but red gold. And yes, it’s a Linux-based telephone if you think it’s a popular telephone for Android.  
Vertu Aster Diamond Black Alligator  The Vertu Aster Diamond Black Alligator is another hideous ‘smartphone’ on which you can waste your fortune. All this is stated by the name — diamonds and skin. Yeah, you read it right. You read it right. The smartphone is embedded in ‘picked’ alligator leather with 33 black diamonds and 22 white diamonds. Yeah, if you want to know what the device’s price is, it will cost just 8,700 (about Rs 731,278).  


Due to Real high-quality leather, liquid metal alloy, sapphire glass display, ruby keys, pristine inside and out attention to detail. Camera tuned in Hasselblad, tones from the London Symphony Orchestra, Dolby audio. The audio and the speaker are unbelievable. In the tech arena, Vertu could do more. On Android, they have light skin and many Vertu Mobile applications for different lifestyles and experiences. With these features and different models available for different elegant classes Vertu mobile are priced with the luxury tags.

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