Who Is The Father Of Mobile?

Who Is The Father Of Mobile
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Mobile phones are our best companion but who introduced this device in our lives or who is the father of mobile? With cell phones being such innovative yet usual devices the addiction to them is growing day by day. From kids to adults everyone seems to be glued to them every hour every second. However, it is not just the entertainment aspect of it that amazes us, it is also about the amazing services that it offers. Be it ordering grocery, a pizza, or even a day at a 5-star hotel it does it all. Do you think this is how it was when it was invented by the father of mobile phones, Martin Cooper? Well, no. Mobile phones have evolved and became into what it is today over time starting from the year 1973 when Martin Cooper introduced the very first mobile phone to us.

The journey of mobile phones and important moments that have led to the evolution of cell phones into what they are today that has already been discussed on your website and now it is time that we know in-depth about the person who has all the credit for the invention of mobile phones. Hence, let us now trace the different life stages of Martin Cooper, the father of cell phones.

Martin Cooper: Education

Martin Cooper Education

While not much known is known about is childhood we are straightaway jumping to the start of education. Born in the city of Chicago, Cooper was born to a family of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants and went to the Illinois Institute of Technology to do his graduation. After completing his studies at IIT in the year 1950 you would expect him to jump into the field of engineering and stuff but before he did that Cooper was serving in the Korean War as a submarine officer. He also got his master`s degree in 1957.

Martin Cooper: Jobs And Career

While Martin Cooper is undoubtedly the father of cell phones that is not the only deice he has helped innovate and build. Before mobile phones came in, Martin was working as a senior development engineer in the Motorola company and he developed the first cellular radio system used by the police team to stay connected then. This was in the year 1967.

With his hard work and talent, Cooper acquired greater positions in the team and it was then that he started working on the idea of the cell phone. What was around him were the cell phones that were used by policemen but limited to be being used in the car. He thought if it is a communication device meant for people to connect it should be directed to a particular person and not a desk or car. He wanted a cellular device that can be used from anywhere and not just by sitting in a car or chair. However, eventually, we came to know that his idea of an independent cell phone was an inspiration from Dick Tracy, an American comic series where they used a wrist radio.

Martin Cooper Job and Career

Usually when inventors come up with an idea which no one has heard before people reject it saying it is not possible or it cannot be executed. But, if Motorola had rejected his idea then you wouldn`t be reading this article on your phone now. Fortunately, Motorola saw the upcoming future and the scope of a personalized phone, and there started the workings of the world`s first cell phone.

The first-ever cell phone named as Dyna Tac was a breakthrough and it changed the perspective of people towards cellular communication. This invention of the mobile phone was featured in several magazines and soon Martin became popular for his innovative work. His success wasn’t just limited to the public but in his company as well. He was promoted to being a division manager at Motorola, after that the vice-president and then the corporate director for research and development. 

Cooper then moved on to working in a different organization called Cellular Pay Phone Inc. His moving into a new organization also brought changes in his working niche. The man who is the father of mobile phones was now working on something bigger, something better, the wireless internet technology. As we saw earlier he had the foresight for personal cellular phones and the same was observed in the case of wireless internet services. 

Martin Cooper: Achievements

Martin Cooper Achievements

The man who is the father of mobile phones went ahead of cellular phones and even wireless technologies and achieved so much more in his working years. He expanded the usage of a pager to various places and not just limited to a particular range. Cooper also aided in the development of quartz crystals, liquid crystal displays, oscillators, two-way radio product lines etc. 

He was also awarded a Doctorate in wireless communication from IIT because of his contribution to the invention of mobile phones and the development of wireless technology. 

Martin Cooper: Personal Life

Personal Life

Cooper married Arlene Harris and together they started a company of their own named Dyna LLC in the year 1986. He had two children from this marriage.

The man who is the father of the mobile phone is truly an interesting personality the same as his invention, the mobile phone. We are very confident that no matter what development happens in the next 20 or 50 years people are always going to be attached to this invention and make use of it. The mobile phones are continuously evolving and growing according to the times but when one wants to trace back the history of it he has to come back to the same story this same article and know how it started. 

This was all about the man who is the father of mobile phones but if you want to know more about how he did it and what is the story behind it you can head on to our article titled ‘The man behind the cell phone’.

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