Who Invented Mobile Phone Touchscreen?

Who Invented Mobile Phone
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A very interesting question related to the invention of mobile phones is who invented mobile phone? Well, the answer to that is quite popular and all over the internet, but what is not very known to us users is who invented the first mobile phone with a touchscreen. But, in this article, you will be able to get to know all about it in the most fun and informative way possible.

To begin with, let us first state who invented the first mobile phone. Martin Cooper, an American Engineer is the man behind the invention of mobile phones and this is when the journey of handheld communication devices started.

Mobile Phone Touchscreen And Its History

Today, if you look around yourself you will see that having a mobile phone with a touchscreen is so common. Almost all of us have it but someone had to start this trend and invent this technology. Right? But, before getting into all the details it is important to know which kind of screen is called a touchscreen.

A touchscreen is a screen on any electronic device that responds to the touch of fingerprints or even a stylus. This screen can be called both an input and an output device. It has made the usage of mobile phones easier since there are no buttons or keys involved. The touchscreen has also eliminated the need for a keypad and thus, mobile phones look even more sleek and stylish.

Steps Involved In The Invention Of Touchscreen Technology

  • Wondering who invented mobile phone touchscreen? It is believed that E.A. Johnson invented the touchscreen in the year 1965 and then later came up with a detailed article explaining how this technology works, where it can be used etc. in the year 1968 making the world aware that something like this could exist too.
  • Now it was time that the world could see a touchscreen in working and not just read articles about it. Thus, Doctor Sam Hurst developed the first touchscreen in the year 1971. However, this was not like the touchscreen that you see today. It wasn’t transparent.
  • Later, in the year 1974, Sam Hurst and Elographics brought the first transparent touchscreen which was ready to be used in devices.
  • Three years later Elographics was funded by Siemens Corporation to bring the first curved touch screen interface made up of glass. With the success of this, Elographis changed its name to EloTouch Systems.

After the invention of mobile phones which was solely used for communication, came cell phones with touchscreen and a better user interface. But, when did bigger devices like computers begin with incorporating the touchscreen technology in their devices?

HP was the first company to do so and it manufactures its first computer with touch screen technology in the year 1983 in the model known as HP-150.

Since the beginning of touchscreen mobiles, there is no going back and almost all of the cell phones have now touchscreens. Thus, answering the question of who invented mobile phone touchscreen becomes utterly important.

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