Who Invented Mobile Phone Sim Card?

Who Invented Mobile Phone Sim Card?
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Most of the questions related to the invention of mobile phones are related to the invention and history of mobile phones but what about the one who invented mobile Sim cards? After all, what use is a mobile phone without a Sim card? You will not be able to get in touch with someone, use the internet, stream the web or use social media platforms. A phone without a Sim card is of no use unless you want to use the basic features like clock, calculator etc. But, you did not spend your money to use these features, right? So, let us get to know who invented mobile Sim cards? 

What Is A Sim Card?

Who Invented Sim

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a Sim card is the soul of a mobile phone and without it; you will have to depend on a WiFi connection. Sim is the abbreviation for Subscriber Identification Module and it is a silicon integrated circuit that is used to connect the mobile phone to a network so that you can answer and receive calls. Apart from that a Sim card also stores several vital information such as the IMSI number, its key, a unique serial number (ICCID), temporary information concerning the local network etc. We think after the invention of mobile phones what should intrigue us the most is the history of Sim cards. 

Who Invented Sim Cards?

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The first Sim card was invented in the year 1991 in Munich by a smart card maker Giesecke & Devrient. Before that, they had even developed a Sim plug-in in 1989. 

These Sim cards were first sold to a company named Radiolinja which was a Finnish wireless network operator. 

The invention of Sim cards was truly a revolution since it was at the same time that Europe had developed the GSM protocols that extended the freedom of users. They could now connect to people anywhere around the world without worrying about which cellular network they used. 

What Technology Does A Sim Card Use?

Sim Card Technology

If you are well aware of the invention of mobile phones and the technologies used you will understand the working of a Sim card in no time. As mentioned earlier, a Sim card is an integrated circuit, and this circuit stores information. The information is a unique IMSI number. IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity and this is the reason why somebody calls your number, the call reaches your mobile phone and not any other part of the world. 

Changes In A Sim Card Over The Years 

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The Sim card that you slide into your phone today isn’t how it used to be back then. Like the size and weight of mobile phones, the size of Sim cards has also evolved over the years. There are four sizes of Sim cards- full size, mini-sim, macro Sim and a nano sim. 

While not most of us are aware of the full-sized SIM cards, we have seen the other three formats and used them as well. There isn’t much deliberation about who invented mobile Sim cards and we hope you were able to know all about it in this article. 

How Sim Card Works?

To know how sim card works check out this video.

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