Which Was The World First Mobile Phone With A Camera?

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There is a lot of information on the internet about the world first mobile phone. If you know about that phone you must know that it is a very basic phone designed to communicate with people and looked nothing like today`s cell phones.

It is true that the first mobile phone named Motorola DynaTac 800x was the first device witnessed when it comes to the invention of mobile phones, but it is also true that it was used only for making calls and nothing else. As years passed by, development in wireless technology took place and the invention of mobile phones saw a new era altogether.

Moreover, one feature of mobile phones that is most loved and looked forward to is the camera. Since the invention of mobile phones in the year 1973, we saw the world’s first mobile phone with a camera in the year 2000.

About The World First Mobile Phone With A Camera

Now, since most of us look at the camera features, the megapixel, image processing, video quality etc. when buying a new smartphone, we all must know a little bit of history about the first mobile phone with a camera. In this way, the next time you go to buy a smartphone you will have a treasure full of knowledge and you will able to make a wiser decision. So, let us get started.

Image source – wikipedia.org

The first mobile with a camera was manufactured by the Sharp Corporation and named as J- SH04. This cell phone was launched by J- Phone of Softbank Mobile and was sold in Japan, November 2000. However, this wasn’t the first time when the technology of clicking pictures and recording videos was put into use. Before this, the first digital camera was manufactured and sold for public use in the year 1989 in the country of Japan.

Controversy Related To The World First Mobile Phone With A Camera

We are surrounded by controversies and one of them was related to the J- SH04, the first camera mobile phone. Samsung argued that it wasn’t J- SH04 that was the first mobile phone with a camera but its SCH- V200 which was launched in June in the same year. The fun part is that both these phones competing to be the world`s first camera phone was launched in the same year but the months were different.

Who Won The Title Then?

Samsung SCH- V200
Image Source – ebay.com

At first sight, it might look like Samsung`s claims were genuine and honest but, here comes the interesting part. Samsung`s SCH- V200 wasn’t a fully integrated camera phone. Rather the images clicked by this phone had to be download to a personal computer via wire. On the other hand, J- SH04 didn’t have any limitations as such, and thus, Softbank’s J- SH04 continues to be known as the world’s first camera mobile phone.


2000 was the year when the world-first mobile phone with a camera was introduced and since then we have made some great improvements in the phone cameras that we use now.

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