Which Is The Highest Mobile Handsets User Country In The World?

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Mobile handsets have become an extremely important part of our lifestyle and routine. There is no such morning when you don’t feel the urge to check your phone as soon as you wake up. It could be to check the time or dropping a message for your loved ones but there is no doubt about the fact that our day starts by the sight of it and ends in their screen light.

Since the invention of mobile phones, there have been many mobile phone manufacturers and network providers. This invention of mobile phones has put them in close competition and as a result of that, we have some cool discounts and offers on both handsets and network plans. This can also be seen as one of the major reasons why there has such an increase in the number of mobile handsets users all around the world. Almost all of us can afford a basic smartphone and an unlimited data plan and thus, we end up wasting a major part of time just with our phones.

With such a huge number of people owning mobile handsets and being addicted to them, it becomes quite obvious that we would be interested in knowing the statistics and the exact numbers. Hence, in this article, we are going to tell you which country is the one with the highest mobile handsets user.

Total Number Of Mobile Phone Users In The World

Today, smartphones are a basic necessity like food, shelter, and clothes. Also, this applies to people of mostly all groups and not just a particular section of the society. These points towards the fact that the number of people using mobile phones across the globe is HUGE. According to recent data collected by Statista, in the year 2017, there were about 3.50 billion smartphones in the country which constitutes about 44.87% of the total population.


Also, if we consider the people irrespective of the fact that whether they use smartphones or just basic feature phones with a keypad and a small display there are about 4.78 billion people who fall in that category. We can also say that 61.28% of people own mobile phones today and this is a number greater than the previous data.

Country With The Highest Mobile Phones User

Now, to get a clear idea about which is the country with the highest number of mobile phones it is fair that we look at the countries with the highest population. So, there are two countries at the top of this list namely China and India which have a population of over people. Here, without beating around the bush let us get straight to that one country that has the highest mobile phone users.

China is one country which when compared with all the other tops in the list of mobile phone users. To be precise, the number of people who own a mobile phone in China is 987,580,000.

The second in the list is India with about 903,727,208 people using mobile handsets.

However, there is one country which has a rather interesting data. We are talking about the United Arab Emirates which has a population of about 5,860,000 but the number of mobile phone users is 11,540,040.


After the invention of mobile phones, they became extremely popular and useful and thus today we have about 61.28% of the population on this globe using these brilliant handsets.

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