Which Is The Best Mobile Phone Screen?

Which Is The Best Mobile Phone Screen
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Since the invention of mobile phones, all the mobile phone manufacturing companies around the world are burning the midnight oil to bring better and better technologies in their mobile phones. Be it the camera, sensors, looks, battery power, display or the screen. This has resulted in several options i.e.various phones with various specifications. Thus, the question that which mobile screen is best or which mobile phone is the best is very obvious.  We are here and we are going to help you figure out the answer to the question, which mobile screen is the best?

If you are interested in knowing the answer in a well-explained manner you are at the right place. So, let’s get started.

When you go through the specifications of a particular phone you are eyeing you look at the display type and you come across certain terms such as AMOLED, TFT- LCD etc. and you are just sitting there wondering what are they talking about. Relatable, isn’t it? Hence, the best way to answer which mobile screen is best is to introduce you to the very types available in the market first.


What Is The Best Mobile Phone Screen

AMOLED is an abbreviation for the term Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode and it is gaining some real hype and fame in the market. The reason is quite simple. This display gives you an amazing image quality but consumes very less power. If we go into a little more detailing and explain why most of the smartphones are coming with an AMOLED display, its because they work pixel by pixel meaning that they produce brighter, more colour accurate and more visually appealing graphics and images on the screen.

Even the darker colours in an AMOLED display have an amazing depth to it which gives you an immersive multimedia experience.


Image Source – displaytech-us.com

The LCD has to be the most common one out there but we are going to talk in much more detail about it. TFT- LCD stands for thin-film transistor liquid crystal display. While AMOLED Display is a relatively new technology especially in the budget ranged smartphones, TFT- LCD can be found on a budget as well as high-end smartphones.

However, when you want to buy a phone with an LCD you should know that display quality depends on different brands and different brands of mobile phones. It isn’t uniform in all mobile phones so it is better to try it out once and then buy it.

When you compare an LCD to AMOLED you will notice that that the latter is thinner and more visually appealing. So, if you are going for looks you know which one to buy.


Image Source – oled-info.com

Super AMOLED stands for Super- active-matrix organic light-emitting diode and it is quite clear that it is a better and high-quality version of the usual AMOLED display. Let’s know, how.

One distinguishing feature of AMOLED and SUPER AMOLED display is that the former has the capacitive touchscreen layer right on top of it while the latter has the layer embedded into it. while this may not seem like a big difference at first it has multiple benefits.

To begin with, the device becomes more thin and slim, less power is used, images are more crisp and sharp, the screen gets more sensitive etc.

Super AMOLED Plus

Super AMOLED Plus
Image Source – indiamart.com

The next type of mobile phone display is the Super AMOLED Plus an even higher quality AMOLED display. A very interesting fact about the Super AMOLED Plus is that it was first used by Samsung in their model Samsung Galaxy S2.

But, how is it different from the Super AMOLED? Well, it all depends on the pixel. We have seen it in Super AMOLED and AMOLED as well. The same goes for this as well. The subpixel construction is way better and focused than the previous ones. The better constructive work on pixels results in an amazing display with brighter and closest to reality colours.

While the Super AMOLED Plus display was not in the trend in the last few years it has again regained its popularity and now it comes in various smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy F41, Vivo V20, Oppo F17 Pro and many more.


Image Source – xda-developers.com

Super AMOLED HD display consists of screen resolution of about 720 x 1280 pixels or even more.

First used in the Samsung Galaxy Note this screen is a better version of the Super AMOLED.

However, Samsung stopped using this screen and got back to the standard Super AMOLED display. But, if you want to go for this screen display type you certainly have a lot of options to choose from.

Retina Display

Retina Display
Image Source – pcworld.idg.com.au

Retina display is an Apple exclusive term which is a common trend seen by Apple by now. You can find this retina display in Apple devices and if you want to experience it you have to invest huge money in one of the devices.

The pixel density in this display is way more than any of the standard screen types and it can be seen in the image and video quality of the screen.

Different apple devices have different pixels and thus you get to see a difference in the display quality but the screen type remains constant.

Which Screen Type Should You Go For?

We have listed various screen types above and we believe screen type is not always the deciding factor for buying a mobile phone for many. Some like to consider the budget, other memory and some camera. But, what matters is the overall specification of a particular mobile phone.

which mobile screen is best

However, the AMOLED display is one such screen type that has soon achieved a standard position and many of the consumers are buying these mobile phones. If you use your mobile phone for clicking pictures, watching movies and web series, playing video games we suggest you go for the AMOLED display since it comes in different budgets and provides good quality multimedia experience. But, if you do not use your mobile phone for such purposes and prefer watching it on a bigger screen such as your television or laptop we think an LCD will be enough for you and will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

In a nutshell, we would say that which mobile screen is best depends majorly on your purpose of buying a new phone. So, once you are aware of the different screen types, their benefits and the technology used you will be able to make a wiser decision based on your needs and expectations. This article will help you in exactly that way. 

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