When Did Smartphones Become Popular?

When Did Smartphones Become Popular
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Are you also one amongst those who are constantly glued to their phone screens and it suddenly hits you, when did smartphones become popular? We are sure it’s not just you and there are so many of us who are on the same page.

So, to answer your question as to when did cell phones get popular, we will take you back to the time when smartphones were not a thing. After which we will be discussing how did smartphones become so popular.

How Did Smartphones Come Into Existence?

When you type, who invented the mobile phone, you will get the answer as Martin Cooper who invented the first cell phone in the year 1973. But, there’s a catch. What Martin invented was just a mobile phone intended to move ahead of the landline phones and telephones that were fixed on a particular place.

Smartphones, however, were invented in the year 1992 and were available to be used by consumers by 1994. The credit for this invention goes to IBM and was named as Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). It was then that the power of the internet and telecommunication joined hands to make every corner of the world accessible as it is today.

However, the SPC was not even close to the smartphones that we are using today. It was a heavy brick-shaped device with most of the features we see today. You could exchange emails, facsimiles, cellular pages, use the touchscreen to dial numbers, access the calculator, calendar, notepad, etc.

This was all about how the first smartphone looked and what it was capable of. But what about its price? Well, this device was priced at $1,100 which might not be a lot of money right now but it surely was, then. And that is one of the reasons the SPC wasn’t that popular and only 50,000 units were sold in the market. As a result, the distributors were forced to withdraw the smartphone from the market.

How Did Smartphones Become So Popular, Then?

Smartphones didn’t reach their full potential until 2007. And it was all because Steve Jobs and his company entered into the picture and transformed how smartphones would feel and work. The first iPhone was perhaps the lightest and most portable smartphone we had seen until then. It helped us do so much more than just sending and receiving emails. Even the RAM was increased to 4GB making it easy to store data and files.

After the success of the first iPhone Apple started coming with more innovative features and devices such as the iPad, the Apple watch series etc. Moreover, when you look at the past few years you will see that there have been so many other brands like Samsung, Google, Redmi, Xiaomi, Vivo, etc. which have made good quality smartphones accessible to all classes of people. And there you have it. The answer to when did cellphones get popular.

Why Have Smartphones Become So Popular?

In the previous section, we already discussed how and when did cellphones get popular. And now it’s time we tell you why exactly were they so popularized. So, let us have a look at the explanations one by one.

1. Means To Access The Internet

Today you will not come across a single individual who doesn’t know what is internet or how to use it. But, before smartphones, the only option we had to access the internet were desktops and laptops. Mobile phones on the other hand were portable devices that gave us the freedom to use the internet wherever we needed.

2. Entertainment On The Go

As we all know there is so much we can do with the internet. One of the advantages is that you can entertain yourself by listening to music, watching YouTube videos, surfing Netflix, movies etc. And who chooses to do something else over entertaining themselves?

3. Great For Educational Purposes

When smartphones can accompany us in our leisure time they can also help us gain knowledge and solve homework. The internet has information about anything and everything under the sun and that is exactly why it is helping millions of students learn new things and skills every day. Moreover, smartphones have also helped students connect with their teachers and professors when traveling across weren’t possible.

4. The Variety Available

Smartphones are indeed popular. But the biggest reason for their popularity is the fact that there are so many types of mobile phones available. They have different sizes, textured rear back, colors, patterns etc. Also, cell phones are available in different price ranges which means everyone can afford one.

5. Features

Smartphones are distinct mainly in terms of their feature. Today, all of the smartphones have features better than the last one. And that is why consumers are so confused as to which cell phone suits their needs best.


Smartphones are one of the most commonly known and used devices as of now. However, sometimes we don’t know much about the device itself and this is one of the instances. After reading this article we hope that all your doubts are cleared and you know now, when did smartphones become popular.

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