What To Expect From Your Future Phone?

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Today, the phones have come a long way and is only getting better and better by each day passing. Intelligent minds are sitting in labs burning the midnight oil, to make mobile phone better in every aspect. 

When you look at the future of phone, there are various speculations about it. While some say that they are going to rule our lives others say we are going to improvise our lifestyle according to their up-gradation. Nonetheless, we are going to take just one of the roads and walk you through the future. 

What Can You Expect From The Phones In The Upcoming Years? 

Since, the invention of mobile phones started we have only seen the progression and nothing else. Mobile phone have incorporated better technologies as and when needed. But, how do you think we will see the phones changing in the next future? While we cannot present to you any visual image or graphics, we do have a list of the features you should be expecting. 

Eco-Friendly Smartphone

the phones

There is no doubt that this is the need of the hour. When we are moving towards other Eco-friendly things why not move towards smartphones that are good for the environment. But, how can we have Eco-friendly phone? The year when the invention of mobile phones started, we wouldn’t have thought of Eco-friendly ones but today makers are looking at biodegradable materials used to build smartphones and cleaner energy charging. 


the phones

The invention of mobile phones was done to help people and follow commands. Whether it is making calls before smartphones or controlling the air conditioner today. However, voice commands are the best-preferred mode of command and you can expect future phones to be even more efficient in following the voice commands and being more responsive. 

Phones With Flexible Frames

the phones
Image Source – nextpit.com

Just the thought of it sounds interesting enough. Doesn’t it? There have already been rumors of companies working on mobile phone that can be folded, made even more compact, and carried around. You must have seen smartphones with flexible frames in the past. For example, the Nokia Morph phone was launched in the year 2008 to introduce a Smartphone that can be folded into as small as a wristwatch or even a belt around your best while you are hiking or doing any such tiring activity. The most obvious way of this phone was to use it in its original flat form to use the internet, watch movies, make calls etc. 

The progression of technology may or may not be under this realm of possibility. But, since we have been seeing developments in this direction there are high chances that we would be able to see Eco-friendly smartphones, flexible frame of the phones, better receiving of voice commands, etc. 

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