What Is The Difference Between Handsets And Phones?

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Handsets and phones are the two terms that are closely related to the communication field. However, we are sure that one term is more popular than the other. Yes, we know that we aren’t quite popular with the term handset but we use the term phone in our everyday life. In this article, we aim to explain the difference between the two, and for that, we need to have a clear idea about these two devices individually. So, let’s get started.

What Are Handsets?

All of us are well aware of the fact that the phase of communication that we are in today is not at all similar to the one handsets were used in.

To begin with, a handset is a component of the telephone, the device that was used for communication before the invention of mobile phones. Telephones were in no way as convenient and compact as the cell phones and they consisted of two devices connected with a wire to function in a sync. These two devices are the handset and the telephone base unit.

Don’t Confuse In Handset and Headset

An important thing to remember here is that handsets and headsets are different as well. Since we use the term headset quite often you might confuse between the two. But, the handsets are connected to a telephone, but headsets are used for mobile phones. Also, the headsets can be used for listening to music, gaming, talking over a call etc. It can be of three types- in-ear, on-ear, and over the ear. On the other hand, handsets are used only for calling and not for other purposes.

Making Of Handset

Handsets have two major parts- a transmitter and a receiver. Both these parts have different functions. While the transmitter is responsible for receiving the speaker’s voice the receiver is responsible for sending the voice across to the listener in form of signals. However, earlier these two were not incorporated into the handset. The handsets only had a receiver and such telephones were called candlestick telephones. If you recall, you might have watched movies where the characters had to hold the telephone base in their hand so that their voice reaches out to the listener.

In a nutshell, handsets are merely a component of the telephones that were the easiest mode of communication than before the invention of mobile phones. However, this component was extremely essential because without this you would only be able to listen to the other person and there’s that.

What Are Phones?

Coming to our next term, phones you must have noticed that this term is often used as a suffix for different terms such as mobile phones, telephones, headphones, etc. But, in this context, we will be looking closely at telephones. So, a telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1876. This device enabled people to communicate by simultaneously receiving and transferring audio signals from the speaker to the listener. After the more conventional modes of communication, the telephone was the device that made it simpler and easier. However, it had its limitations as well. You were bound to use it only at a certain place and it wasn’t portable.

The Difference Between Handsets And Phones

At this point, you might have already learned the difference between a handset and a phone. Nevertheless, just for a quick overview here it is. Headsets are the components of the telephone used to send and receive audio signals, whereas telephones are the devices used to communicate with people by just dialing their numbers

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