What Is The Cost Of First Cell Phone?

cost of first cell phone
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The invention of Mobile Phones made us worry about the cost of first cell phone. We generally think that the latest iPhone Smartphones or the other premier Smartphones cost more than anything. We joke about them that this latest phone will cost us more than our kidneys. This particular brand of Mobile will get away with all our savings. These things come into our minds when we buy premium phones from iPhone, One Plus, Samsung, or Huawei.

We tend to forget that the invention of mobile phones has a long path and it went to change from time to time.  And the new technology costs more money because it went to very rigorous testing and innovation. So, the company which first launches the product exclusively in the market tries to encapsulate maximum profit from its innovation.

When an exclusive technology is adopted by various companies, they start to stabilize the market and the price. We get then is considered as fair and consumer-friendly price. Like when we choose to buy Apple phones, we have in mind that we can buy Samsung or One Plus. These phones are launched in a stable market where phone technology is initially intact and they are charging the price for the various features they provide.

Cost Calculation And Comparison

When we think of the cost of first cell phone, we need to be clear on the matter that this was the initial phase of mobile phone technology. Companies were investing huge money over the innovation of such phones. There were various failed attempts to make a workable mobile phone prototype. This cost included when the company launches its first working mobile phone.

The first mobile phones came into the market in the early era of the 1990s and from there it has developed their relevance and evolved from time to time to ease our lives. The initial cost of the first mobile phones was more than 4000 dollars. If we compare it with today’s price then if mobile was invented in 2020 it was cost more than 10000 dollars according to the inflation. If we calculate it in Indian rupees then it will nearly cost 7 Lakhs rupees. We all know that we can get a decent hatchback or sedan car in that amount of rupees. And if we go for small cars then we can get two for this price. And we can buy the iPhones for more than 10 people at that price.

Few Other Things

The point of comparison between these all entities is simple; we need to keep in mind that this amount of labor was involved in making mobile phones. This all needs to be understood when we consider it lightly and take it as a kind of given thing we must refrain from such understanding. The invention of mobile phones made this possible to have our mobile phones at a very cost-effective price. Do let us know in comment what you think about cost of first cell phone.

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