What Is Best About The Invention Of Mobile Phone?

What Is Best About The Invention Of Mobile Phone
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Mobile phones have become more of a habit than a necessity for most of us. We cannot imagine stepping out of our homes for work without that gadget. The invention of the mobile phone, itself is the best invention in technological history so far. In this segment, we will discuss the reason someone felt the invention of mobile phones were need, how have the mobile phones evolved with time, some of its wonderful features, and the best invention of mobile phone.

In the history of the invention of mobile phones, the first mobile phone was known as the 0G, or Zero Generation mobile phone. Having said this, most of our mobile phones, today run on either 3G or 4G mobile technology.

Radio Phone

The first-class passengers on the Deutsche Reichsbahn connecting Berlin and Hamburg were offered the service of the first successful mobile telephony. In the year 1946, in Chicago, the first-ever calls were made on a car radiotelephone. However, the service abruptly reached its capacity due to the availability of a limited number of radio frequencies. Again, in 1956, the first fully automated mobile phone system was launched in Sweden, only for private vehicles.

Motorola Dyna
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The device used vacuum tube technology to be installed in the vehicles having a rotary dial system. But it was as heavy as 40kg. With time the first modern-time mobile phone was developed by Martin Cooper. It was named the Motorola Dyna TAC and weighed as less as 2.5pounds. Since then, we have been concentrating on even sleeker and light-weighted cell phones. Today we are attracted to mobiles or better to say smart phones that are ever decreasing in size. We race for mobiles that can the best performance out of components in sleek objects. A mobile phone, from high-end models available 5 years ago with the same feature could today, be easily twice as compact and just as light.

The invention of mobile phones has made life easier by solving many crucial aspects of a person’s life. These include bridging the communication gap, access to all kinds of information on various subjects, to converse during emergencies, etc.

Uninterrupted Communication

Uninterrupted Communication

Firstly, the best invention of mobile phones to me is its feature that allows people to communicate with others from around the world. This bridges the communication gap and strengthens bonds between people. Proper communication acts as a support to families or friends during tough times. It helps to celebrate success and fight rough days. Communication through mobile phones has proven to bring families closer as well as establish oneself in a place filled with strangers. The 3G standard marked the age of the mobile internet, which in turn led to the birth of smart phones. In the ever technologically advancing world, we now have smart phones that run on 5G.

Universal Availability Of Knowledge

Another factor that supports the invention of mobile phones is its feature that allows people to have access to knowledge at a single touch of a button. There is no end to gaining knowledge. The Internet facility has paved the way for humans to gain access to unlimited knowledge. The subject ranges from any and every topic. It may include your, or your parents’ or your grandparents’ or your children’s field of interest. One can start reading or gaining knowledge from any instance, at any time, and being anywhere.

Universal Availability Of Knowledge

Another aspect that states the importance of mobile phones is that it helps in reaching people in times of emergency. When facing danger or any kind of life-threatening situation, one can make quick contact with the concerned authorities, like medical help or the help of police. Thus, this technology is a click away from getting help to rescue ourselves or others.

Hence, there is no doubt that mobile phones are needed in every step of our lives. Everything has perks of using it too much. Therefore, we should be careful enough to use it. The invention of mobile phones is one of the most important inventions in the history of technology and we must learn to respect it and act sincerely.

When we are addressing an invention that has impacted the masses (both positively as well as negatively) it is right to say that invention of mobile phones is the greatest invention of mankind.

Some of the best features of smart phones which generated from the original invention were-

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Starting with a battery life of mere 8-10 hours, the mobile phones have evolved to having a long-lasting battery with would run smoothly for 6 hours with just 15 minutes of charging.

Having A Crystal-Clear Display

Phone display

Today smart phones are used as much for viewing movies or shows as used for communication. With draining every penny on the best Internet and best affordable mobile, one would want the best possible display for watching movies or play games.

A Great Camera

Phone Camera

We live in a generation where clicking selfies are proof of having fun with friends and families. Though this isn’t always good, nevertheless, it is important to have a good quality camera to capture every important moment in one’s life.

Having Plenty Of Storage Space

Phone storage

Phone storage

Today, we get most smart phones offering a storage space anywhere between 16 and 32 gigabytes. Today, a household can do without having a television, but not without a Smartphone. It is like a mini box with every necessary element, like apps for working (Graphs, Maps), apps for grocery, apps for availing vehicles, for dressing up, shopping, entertainment, etc. Hence, having plenty of storage space is a luxury each of us would want.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging
Image Source – sbsmobile.com

This is one of the best inventions in mobile phones. Having a wireless charging facility is very important. It is easy to carry and facilitates better charging.

Today, standing in the 21st Century, the heavy nature and design of the car phones might crack us to laughter as we hold the sleek, light as a feather Smartphone, but without those heavy objects, we would not have been able to dream of a time when everyone will have at least one mobile phone. It thus feels good to gaze back at the history of the invention of mobile phones and its evolution.

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