What Are Wi-Fi Calling Phones?

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Calling phones are the only thing that you need in your pocket when you have to communicate with someone on the go. Doesn’t matter if they are living right beside your house, in another city or even continent. We have to say that the invention of mobile phones has altered the way we communicate with distant people. But, is it all the time that you can successfully reach out to that one person? Unfortunately not.

Why Wi-Fi Calling?

calling phones

A lot of times we dial the number, excited to share all about our day, and there you are trying to connect the line and reveal the happenings of your day. It is not always that the communication system has impressed us. A lot of times we do get disappointed as well. You might be having network issues and not be able to make a call but if you have a Wi-Fi connection at your home or at a store you can seamlessly talk over the phone without even realizing that you don’t have any network. Like any other invention, the invention of mobile phone and the cellular network has their limitations as well but as long as you know how to use Wi-Fi calling and you have Wi-Fi calling phones it shouldn’t be a problem.

What Do You Need For Wi-Fi Calling?

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You must have seen the Wi-Fi calling feature on your mobile phone and you can activate it with a click. But, is that all you need to do to be able to make calls through the Wi-Fi connection. No. Here are some of the things you need to look forward to while you are having network issues and want to activate Wi-Fi calling:

  • Your Wi-Fi carrier should support the Wi-Fi calling feature.
  • The settings on your phone support this feature.
  • You have a seamless Wi-Fi connection.

Now, this was all about the brilliant Wi-Fi technology. But what use is the technology if your smartphone doesn’t support it? Yes, you heard it right. Not all smartphones support this feature and thus, not all of us can make use of this feature. Apart from the Wi-Fi connection and the support provided by the carrier your calling phones should also support Wi-Fi calling and then only expect calling through Wi-Fi. Hence, the smartphones which support the Wi-Fi calling feature are known as Wi-Fi calling phones and come to your rescue when there is a network problem.

How To Turn On Wi-Fi Calling On Android Phones?

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When you are sure that you have a Wi-Fi calling phone, here are some of the steps you need to follow to start using this feature on an android phone:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • In the topmost corner, you see a three-dot menu. Click on it.
  • Another menu appears where you have to switch on the Wi-Fi calling option to command your phone to switch over to use the Wi-Fi connection when the network goes bad.

Wi-Fi calling phones are yet another one of those extremely useful features which can be put to use only because of the invention of mobile phones and the development in wireless technology.

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