What Are Unlocked Phones?

unlocked phones
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Looking for a brand-new smartphone? We know for a fact that the salesman at the store is going to ask you about your preferences and introduce you to several new terms including ‘unlocked phones’. We also know that you do not want to stand there clueless so it is better that you do a little homework and know the most commonly used terms. However, the one word which is the most common is ‘unlocked phones’. Hence, in this article, we are going to give you a detailed idea about unlocked phones.

Know that, unlocked phones were never a trend back when the invention of mobile phones was fresh news. The invention of mobile phones was only meant to improve the communication system worldwide so that we can connect to our loved ones even on the go. However, mobile network companies felt the need to lock the phones so that the user is not able to use the services of another provider. That is precisely when the locked phones came in. With an intended problem like this, there is always a solution and unlocked mobile phone are the solution.

What Is An Unlocked Phone?

Unlocked phones are pretty much like your normal phone except for the fact that you buy it from a carrier network and you can only choose from the models they have. A lot of times they are not very inclusive and do not have a wider variety to choose from. While buying an unlocked phone you sign a contract with the carrier network that you will only and only be subscribed to their network on that phone. There are multiple benefits of having an unlocked mobile device.

Why You Should Buy Unlocked Phones?

Unlocked phones are more like a secure mode of payment for carrier networks. After all who doesn’t want a fixed income every month? All of us prefer that type of earning and the same goes with these companies providing network services. Moreover, they also have great offers and discounts on the different mobile phones and thus, to compensate that they make their customers stick to their services for a long time.

Which Ones Are The Most Popular Carrier That Have Locked Phones?

Lock and unlock mobile phone is a big thing in America and here are some of the companies that restrict the users to use only their network unless the phones are unlocked.

  1. AT&T
  2. Verizon
  3. T-Mobiles
  4. Sprint

How To Buy Unlocked Mobile Phone?

Like the locked phones, unlock mobile phones are equally easy to get and buy. You can visit any of the popular websites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, etc. However, carrier networks make for an easier payment option where you have to pay a definite amount every month. But, when you buy unlocked phones you pay the complete money at once. Chances are you are burning a hole into your pocket.


Ever since the invention of mobile phone development has been seen in the network providers as well and unlocked phones are the biggest example of that.

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