What Are The Facts Behind Mobile Phone Invention?

What Are The Facts Behind The Mobile Phone Invention_
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Don’t we all agree that mobile phone invention is one of the most important achievements in technology? For some people, mobile phones are a part of their lives while for others it is their life. Such are the wonders of the invention of mobile phones. 

Chances are you are as closely attached to your mobile phones as you are with your friends and family. You must be knowing all about their functioning and updates today, but how aware are you about their history? Not much, right? Well, that is completely fine because we intend to make this rather informative history interesting by sharing with you some of the facts related to this life-changing invention. So, are we ready?

The First Commercial Mobile Phone Invention

Mobile Phone Invention

Like any other invention, there were several trials before mobile phones came into the market but the first mobile phone that was available for sale and ready to be used by consumers was developed by Martin Cooper an American engineer in the year 1973.

The First Smartphone After The Invention Of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Invention
Image Source – en.wikipedia.org

The world’s first smartphone was introduced in the year 1993 about two decades after the first commercial phone was introduced. The credit for developing this phone goes to BellSouth Cellular. 

The Text Message

invention of mobile phones

Text messages are one of the most loved features of cell phones and the one who is credited for inventing this feature is German Friedhelm Hillebrand and after a lot of deliberation about the perfect length for a text message he decided upon 160 characters.

World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone

Invention of mobile phones
Image Source – stuarthughes.com

You must have been confused a lot of times about which cell phone to buy due to the price tag. But, have you ever thought about which is the most expensive mobile phone? A British jeweller named Stuart Hughes says that he has created the world’s most expensive phone which has about 554 diamonds of different sizes, colour and shape. The diamonds make this iPhone worth a total sum of  $8,184,968.42.

Towers Into Trees

Invention of Mobile
Image Source – bendbulletin.com

The placement of tower networks around your area plays a major role in deciding the quality of your calls. However, with the increasing need for a fast and good connection, towers need to place after every small distance which is not feasible. Thus, engineers have come up with this innovative idea of disguising towers into fake plastic trees.

Phobias Related To Mobile Phones

The invention of mobile phones is a revolution. But, it isn’t always good and beneficial. Experts have suggested that due to our close relationship with these devices some people suffer from some phobias. Telephonophobia is the phobia or dialling numbers or accepting calls. While nomophobia is the fear of losing your phone. 

The Best Selling Phone

Nokia 1100
Image Source – wikipedia.org

The last one of these interesting facts had to be the best and about the best selling phone. Ever wondered which one is it? It is none other than the Nokia 1100 which has been sold to over 250 million customers to date. It seems like after all quality is above, everything.

Weren’t these facts about mobile phone invention and various other aspects related to it interesting? Surely, it was.

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