What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Phones In Debates?

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The Invention of Mobile Phones has made it possible for us to explore and see the advantages of mobile phones in various aspects of our lives. The debates are such topics in which we exchange plenty of ideas and views with the people with whom we are debating and the people who are listening to us. Mobile Phones can play a very constructive role in organizing and conducting a successful debate. In this article, we will look at the advantages of mobile phones that it can do in debates.

General Advantages Of Mobile Phones In Debates

When we talk about the general advantages of mobile phones, we tend to see the aspects that a mobile phone can deliver while conducting the debates. We can see that it can deliver plenty of things. The most important of which is the topic. We can search for the important topics that are affecting our socio-political lives and conduct debates around that. After selecting the topics, we can see the general points about the debates and create an outline if we are the moderator of the debate. If we are contestant then we can see the points which are against the topic or aligned with the support of the topic. We can inform you about the debates well before the date due to the invention of mobile phones and one can count it as another advantage of mobile phones.

Technical Advantages Of Mobile Phones In Debates

There are various advantages of mobile phones in debates some of them are technical.

1. The first advantage one can list is the broadcasting of the debate, one can broadcast the debate with help of a phone and its video recording feature to a larger audience.

2. The second advantage one can list is the recording of the debates suppose you don’t want to broadcast the debate but want to keep a record of it then you can use the feature it will work as an archive and we would have a record of the debates for future references.

3. Another technical feature one can list is the feature of time included in mobile phones this will help the moderator to give proper time to all the concerned parties participating in the debates. Suppose at first moderator can give five minutes to all the contestants for their opening statements. After that, he can use the other timing according to the timeline of the debates. This will help in making the debate crisp and interesting and audiences will not be bored.

4. Most important and technical feature one can list is the feature of fact-checking of the mobile phone. We can check in Real time while the debater is making a true claim or not. If that is a disputed claim that will also be shown by the mobile phone which will make the debate a great place to acquire knowledge. This is what the invention of mobile phones can do it gives various advantages to mobile phones.

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