What Are Metro PCS Sales On Phones?

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Metro PCS now known as Metro by T- mobiles is one of the most popular prepaid wireless service providers in America. There is no particular time to learn about this very popular servicing company but this seems to be the perfect one since they have some amazing offers on phones.

While we are discussing metro PCS sales on phones, why not go a little back and know more about the brand? Well, to begin with, this company was started in the year 1994 not long after the invention of mobile phones in the name of General Wireless. Later in 2012, they merged with T- Mobile USA. Fun fact about metro and T- Mobiles, after the invention of mobile phones and cellular networks these were among the first service providers to introduce unlimited data plans on phones.

Metro PCS Sale On Phones

That was a lot of information about the Metro and now it is time that we discuss what you came here for. Yes, we shall now let you know the different phones that have some great offers and discounts on them. Here are those:

1. iPhone 12 And iPhone 12 Pro

All of us know that iPhones are worth every penny that you spend on them but, they are a little pricey as well. So, why not get your hands on them during the sale. Metro is offering an instant $200 off on the iPhone 12.

2. iPhone 7

iPhone is a rather old model when you buy it from the Metro store and port in your number to another carrier you save $320.

3. Samsung Galaxy M11

Metro also has this offer where you get a new line with Metro and get the Samsung Galaxy M11 for free without any cost. In this way, you save about $189.

4. MasterCard

While this was mostly about the deals on phones Metro has various other things to offer as well. Take for example the virtual prepaid Mastercard offer where when you buy a new phone and activate a new line you get a new virtual prepaid Mastercard which will be activated after the third monthly payment is completed.

5. Fire Stick 4K Or Echo Dot

When you buy a new unlimited plan at Metro or upgrade the one you already have you can get the Amazon Fire Stick 4K or the Echo Dot free of cost.

6. Phone + Tablet

When you decide to switch a line or buy a new tablet line you can get a phone and tablet from the company and you wouldn’t be asked to pay a single penny for that.

7. Moto G Stylus

Visiting the Metro store and switching can make you get the Moto G Stylus free of cost. All you have to do is provide an ID for validation and pay the sales tax and activation fee.


After the invention of mobile phones, the telecom market has become kind of overwhelming but the Metro PCS deals on phones like these can surely help you to sort out the different phones and choose the best one.

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