What Apps Can Be Used To Find Mobile Phone?

find mobile phone
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Losing your mobile phone is the worst nightmare and that is precisely why you should know how to find mobile phone with the help of certain applications. No matter how hard you try to always remember if you are carrying your phone, there are going to be instances when you leave your mobile phone here and there. You just cannot help it.

The face of communication has changed ever since the invention of mobile phones. However, initially the mobile phones were big and bulky. Today, these are very compact, small, and easy to carry. While this evolution since the invention of mobile phones is beneficial as you have the lightest phones available in the market today. But, there are disadvantages as well. With the smartphones being small and compact you can very easily forget it at places and lose it. Hence, in this article we will introduce you to five application which can be installed on your mobile phone and help you to find mobile phone.

Apps That Can Help You To Find Mobile Phone

Below are some of the applications which can be used to find mobile phone.


find mobile phone
Image Source – truecaller.com

Truecaller is perhaps the most popular apps when it comes to finding a mobile phone`s location. You can easily know the location of the owner of the phone number when the number is saved in your contact list. Apart from that there several there are helpful features in this app as well.

Android Device Manager

find mobile phone

This is a free application that lets you find your lost phone with the help of your Google account that is signed in the lost device. With the help of Android Device Manager, you can ring your lost phone, lock it or even erase all the data permanently through a different android device.

Wheres My Droid

find mobile phone
Image Source – play.google.com

Wheres my Droid is an app very similar to the previously mentioned app apart from the fact that it has some customizable features. This is one of the few location tracking apps that let the users customize its features. For example, you can access the camera of the lost phone, click a selfie of the thief, and get it sent to your email address. You can also activate the camera`s flash, display a message written by you, delete data from your phone`s memory or even the memory card etc.


find mobile phone
Image Source – play.google.com

Shaplus is a location tracking app too but quite different from other ones mentioned previously. This won’t help you find the location of your lost phone but the location of incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, if it was an international number it will show you the country`s name and that’s how you can find mobile phone location.

Prey Anti Theft

find mobile phone
Image Source – play.google.com

Another one of the free phone tracker is the Prey anti-theft application. What is different about this app is that it disables the power menu and no matter how hard the thief tries he won’t be able to shut down the device. You can also control the screen of your lost phone with the help of commands, make it ring, lock the screen etc. remotely.

These were some of the apps that will help you find mobile phone. After all, the invention of mobile phone is a great turn of events. However, keep in mind that all these apps are supported only by android mobile phones and not iOS.

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