Vivo Operating System – Latest Features

Vivo Operating System – Latest Features
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Vivo has announced its new Android-on Vivo Operating System. This was announced at Vivo’s annual developer conference in China. OriginOS belongs to FuntouchOS and offers a complete design overhaul that allows widgets to work first, organize them into grids and layouts, prepare reports for The Verge.

Vivo Operating System

The report reads from a company spokesperson, “OriginOs centers originated at three Frontier centers according to Smartphone consumer demand: design, convenience at half of the smoothness. Originals re-introduce familiar features with new exciting designs. And it works well. “

Features Of Vivo Operating System

Below are some of the cool features of the operating system which you are using in your Vivo Phone.

1. Klotski Grid

Vivo is now offering you a new Klotsky grid with OriginOS. Which the company has created from Klotsky puzzles like a famous sliding block puzzle game. Which has square/rectangular pieces and gives the home screen a cleaner look. It is more efficient than the home screen on other UIs.

2. Nano Alert

Nano Alerts is a small popup widget visible on OriginOS. Which the user uses while running the phone. With Nano Alert, Vivo aims to provide upcoming flights, news, and weather information on the home screen. In this, you get courier tracking and more features that make it better. Nano Alert is capable of background updates to bring the latest important updates.

3. Re-widgets

Re-widgets to be added. Android like Apple allows you to personalize a wide variety of widgets, such as sliding puzzles of different sizes. Vivo has also increased the wallpaper experience, which makes the user attractive. The new Android screen allows users to choose different backgrounds with a perfect look and feel.

4. Live Wallpaper

Today all smartphones offer live wallpapers to their users. It is also bringing live wallpapers to OriginOS. Although Vivo’s outlook is beautiful with live wallpaper, you will see many wallpapers of weather and falling waterfalls. It has decided to show elements of the weather, rather than showing surfaces and planets. Which everyone likes a lot.

5. Memory Fusion Technology 1.0

Friends, you get Memory Fusion Technology 1.0 in Vivo Operating System. In which, apart from visual changes, you can use the new OriginOS. It also makes several changes to the under-the-hood. Vivo is starting a process called Enhanced Memory Fusion Technology 1.0. It creates an interface to make the user the best and the most beautiful. It functions in three ways, including memory integration, process optimization, and application pre-loading.

6. Multi-Turbo 5.0

Multi-Turbo 5.0 is another feature of the Vivo Operating System, which aims to provide faster speed and smooth the phone. The Multi-Turbo 5.0 application supports all Android above preloading 2.0. Intelligent app freezing technology has been used in it. Along with all these features, Vivo has also added a pull-down menu. It takes users to a control center. It presents important public alerts like earthquake alerts, rain, epidemic related information.


In Vivo Operating System, you get to see all the latest features as well as many more. Vivo claims that OriginOS will be much smaller than the FuntechOS running on the Vivo Smartphone. It also includes a multi-turbo 5.0 feature through memory optimization. Which added gestures to the OS, adding 26 combinations. Which gives a faster speed to the mobile. For mobile payments, a super card feature is included that appears from the bottom of the screen.

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