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Find My Phone
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Find my phone helps to overcome Loss or lack of your mobile phone, especially your smartphone; it causes a strong amount of stress. This is because we have many significant, private, and confidential details on our smartphones.

If you are a phone user, Google Play Store and third-party sources have different resources available to help you find your phone location if you lose it. Here we mention some user-friendly resources to locate missing and stolen devices if they are linked to the Internet.

Various Methods To Find My Phone

Find My Device For Google

Google will find your missing Android phone or tablet. Find my mobile is automatically enabled if you’ve attached a Google account to your missing device.

To find, lock, or erase an Android phone, it must be:

  • Turned On
  • Signed in to Google Account
  • Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Visible on Google Play
  • Location should be turned ON
  • Find my device application should be turned ON

How To Find, Lock Or Delete Remotely

  • Go to and register for your Google Account.
  • This will be seen on the Google Find My Computer page of your phone.
  • Tap on the missing phone at the top of the screen if you have more than one mobile.
  • Sign in with a Google account located on the main profile if there is more than one user profile on your missing computer.
  • The missing telephone receives a call.
  • You will discover where the telephone is on the map.
  • The location is rough and may be wrong.
  • You can see the last known location when it is available if your phone can’t be located

Find A Bluetooth Tracker For Your Phone

Often you forget where your phone has been placed? You’re not alone, no worries. Invest in Bluetooth trackers for an external backup layer. There are currently many available, such as the Tile. You just have to synchronize your phone with the tracker and the tracker will set an alert on the phone to help you locate it faster when your phone is momentarily lost behind the couch pad.

Trace You Phone With Find My Phone

As important business tools, small companies use Android phones. They are used by workers to hold business meetings, exchange communications with business partners, and online research. There are some reasons why a company would like to track a phone like this. You may want to verify the position or make sure that workers are at the designated sites for informational purposes. Services for tracking missing or stolen phones are also useful.

  1. Get your carrier to have a mobile monitoring service.
  2. For a nominal monthly fee, many carriers provide locator services.
  3. You will find up to four phones with the Sprint Family Locator.
  4. It operates on any Sprint phone and displays telephone positions on a map from a device or a cell telephone.
  5. Verizon provides the Family Locator that lets you track smartphones, tablets, or a PC for the location of telephones and get alerts on the location.
  6. Pick an application for third parties that monitor Android phones as an alternative to a carrier-based program.
  7. It doesn’t cost anything for LocateMyDroid and gets up quickly.
  8. It operates across every carrier around the world for users with Android 2.2+.
  9. The selected cell phone software is downloaded and installed.
  10. Go to the ‘Media Centre’ program, then go to the Application’ button, then go to ‘Free Subscription,’ then press the ‘OK’ button for a Verizon program.
  11. Click on ‘Yes’ and run the software after the down-laden.
  12. A text message with a temporary password is received for AT&T Family Map.
  13. Go to the Android Market on your computer and download your desired application for LocateMyDroid and other applications.
  14. You can install the software, but if not, go to the notifications and run the app.
  15. Follow the telephone from the site.
  16. You will be provided with a website address to connect from your device or mobile phone.
  17. Click “locate” It also displays a map and includes a street address to make it easier to navigate.

With The Usage Of Different Applications

1. Famisafe Location Tracking 

Famisafe Location Tracking is a parental control program for the screen that offers a high precision tracking function for the system location. It also blocks adult games & video, filters web pages, and detects suspected images and texts in addition to location monitoring. The app is also helpful for safety-oriented parents, who want to monitor their children. You can monitor the current location and history of your child using this app. You can also establish a safe zone for your children and you will be informed of warnings when they breach their assigned zone.


  • It also serves as an app blocker and shows usage reports for users.
  • The function provides high precision monitoring of the live position of the unit.
  • Suspected material is observed by this application 
  • Provide a web filter function and restrict the time of the show.


  • Secrecy downloads the software and runs without the obvious computer in the background.
  • There’s a free Android monitoring app.
  • This framework supports all smartphones, including tablets, from Android.


  • The system will cause heat to run continuously.
  • The battery can be drained faster than normal.

2. Find My Phone

Find My Phone is an app to track and attach your missing smartphone for Android. It also makes it easy to track and contact your loved ones. Find My Phone app for smartphones uses a GPS feature. You may connect family members, acquaintances, and contacts to see where they are.


  • The application gives you a feature to find the location of your mate.
  • You can search the location of your friend with this app at any time.


  • It operates on all forms of signal carrier or network.
  • Your phone and contacts can be conveniently found.
  • The app is very precise, and the position tracking app is highly rated.
  • Upload, install, and use the program free of charge.


  • Compared to other apps it does not have lots of features.
  • Not compatible with Android operating systems below 6.0.

The various methods of Find my phone will aid the person to find their phone and overcome the stress. Also, check other apps to locate your mobile phone.

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