How to Start Using Two Whatsapp In One Phone?

Two Whatsapp In One Phone
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Today I am going to tell you a way that with the help you run two WhatsApp in one phone. You can use it with your friends and family members to make video calls and voice calls with your friends and family.

So, I will give you complete information about how two WhatsApp work on the same phone, how to download two WhatsApp on your Android phone, and how to use them.

How To Install Two WhatsApp On One Phone?

First, we will tell you about an app, with the help of which you can create a Clone app for all the apps, and to run the Clone app, keep the application with the first method always running, only then you will get the information of all your messages. Follow the below steps.

  1. First, go to your phone and search on the Google Play Store Parallel Space app.
  2. After this, download the Parallel Space app.
  3. After downloading, you will see this app on the main skin of your phone. Open Parallel Space app.
  4. Now, it will ask you for some permission. Give permission.
  5. When you set up the app, after that you will see an option inside the app, on which the app edit is to be clicked on as soon as you open it.
  6. You will find a lot of apps in it, like Chrome, WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, etc.
  7. Click on WhatsApp. In this, you can also run it for Chrome, Facebook Instagram.
  8. Now your another WhatsApp will be downloaded and it will work like a completely different WhatsApp account and also the information of both WhatsApp accounts are not linked.

So, what are your thoughts about keeping two different WhatsApp accounts on a single phone? Do you think it is beneficial or not? Let us know in the comment box.

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