Top 5 Benefits Of Having Unlocked Phones

Unlocked Phones
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Ever since the invention of mobile phones, all of us have used this device, appreciated it, and loved it but the question remains where to go for locked or unlocked phones. Yes, the network providers have been smart enough to come up with locked phones that restrict the users from using just their services. However, there is a solution to that as well. You can very easily get your phones unlocked.

There is a constant rise in the number of mobile phone users all over the globe after the invention of mobile phones. However, the distribution is not uniform and there are some countries where the number is huge and other places not that much. Another thing that isn’t uniform is people`s choices. Yes, some are comfortable with sticking to one carrier and can do with locked phones while others want to go for unlocked phones. So, if you were caught in a dilemma and could not decide which one to go for here are the top five benefits of owning unlocked phones.

Advantages Of Having Unlocked Phones

The locking of cell phones is undoubtedly profitable for network providers but consumers; it is a mix of both pros and cons. Here, we are mentioning 5 of the benefits you could avail if you have unlocked phones.

Quicker Updates

Well, it’s not just iPhone users who await system updates all of us do. But, when you have a locked phone this can take you longer than usual. When Google releases a new software update, it goes to your manufacturer and then the owner of the device. However, when you are using your carrier`s locked phone there is an added step of the manufacturer passing the update to the carrier and then to you.

No Unnecessary Applications

Even the more popular companies like Samsung had some pre-installed unnecessary apps a few years back. But, this is a constant problem with carrier phones where they are some pre-installed apps not of much use and they can’t be even uninstalled sometimes.

Limited Options

For us, this has to be the biggest disadvantage of locked phones. Network providers tend to choose only the more popular and more sold smartphones for their carrier and thus, customers are left with only limited phones. If you like the camera of a smartphone and the carrier doesn’t have it you are not left with any choice but to get unlocked phones.

Cheaper Phones

If you have been to the network carrier websites and checked the prices of their phones you might want to compare them with the unlocked phones at different websites like Amazon, Best Buy, etc. You will notice their prices are rather high and not justified. However, you might score them for a better deal when you take a year-long plan or something like that but again, you are stuck with a locked phone.

Monthly Payments

You can very well buy a good smartphone from a carrier by making easy monthly payments. But, here is the bitter sad truth you end up spending a little more than you would have if you paid the complete amount. Also, you are inclined more towards the expensive phones that you cannot afford at once.


The invention of mobile phones has given us a plethora of options to choose from. Be it the different features in the smartphones or deciding between locked and unlocked phones.

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