Top 20 Key Advantages Of Mobile Phone

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The invention of Mobile phones made us realize that they are in use for a long time for various purposes, one can list many advantages of Mobile phone because of their using them for a long time. But when it comes to list the advantages that a mobile phone got is not an easy task. We tend to forget about the most important things. In this article on the invention of mobile phones, we will take you on the journey of the key advantages of mobile phone that made our life much easier.

20 Advantages Of Mobile Phone

Below are some of the important advantages of having a mobile phone.

1. Making A Phone Call

Advantages of Mobile Phone

The key advantage that one can list is always calling because it is the primary work of a mobile phone. One can move anywhere while calling was something unimaginable 35 years ago. But the invention of mobile phones made it possible to have such a device that can work in this kind of condition. The first advantage one can list will always be this.

2. Sending And Receiving Messages


The second advantage of a mobile phone one can see is sending and receiving of messages. In the age of the internet, we tend to forget what a general SMS can do. But one can list many works that only the messages’ can do on mobile phones, like when we receive an OTP for our bank transactions that only can be done through the messaging app.

3. Make Use Of Mobile Camera

mobile camera

The third great advantage of modern-day mobile phone is the mobile camera, now in this time of pandemic everyone is relying on this app for their classes and other stuffs. The mobile camera helped in revolutionizing many things. The corruption the level of corruption became low after mobile cameras came into existence because one is fearful of being recorded and getting caught red-handed.

4. Use Two Sim Cards In A Single Mobile

Two sim cards

The other great advantage of a mobile phone one can mention is the availability of two sim slots. You can imagine those old days when only one network existed and when we traveled far or in roaming then the availability of network was very less and we suffer a great deal of problems because of non-availability of additional network. The two sim slots solved the problem.

5. Entertainment Yourself


The other great advantage of having a mobile phone is the Eveready entertainment package. One cannot be bored when your mobile phone is with you. You can do so many things that are normally unnatural for any other device.

6. Play Games On Mobile Phone


One can play games on mobile phones that are also one of the great advantages that this device has because the devices that are used for gaming are quite expensive and requires lots of space. The mobile phone games are in many ways an easy option for many people because it uses less space and less money.

7. Make Use Of Audio Player And Recorder

Advantages of Mobile Phone

The other great advantage of the modern mobile phone is the feature of the audio player and recorder. One can play whatever song or music it’s like and be happy after playing the song. This doesn’t require big Mp3 players for that matter our small handy phone will do all the work regarding this. The feature of the audio record is also very important because it helps us having proof of things that we generally forget. For a journalist, the feature of an audio record is very important because it will take less time for him. Instead of taking notes of any statement he will record and then write it.

8. Record Your Calls

Advantages of Mobile Phone

The call records are also a great advantage of mobile phones. The invention of mobile phones made it possible for us to first make the call and after that to record a call. It helps in many ways, suppose somebody is threatening you, you can record the call and make it available to police for the complaint. Once in a lifetime, we get a chance to talk to our favorite star we can record that wonderful moment with the help of call recording.

9. Shoot A Slow-Motion Video With Your Mobile Phone

The feature of slow-motion recording is also a very great advantage of mobile phones. In this process, we can record the video in slow frame rates that gives us the advantage of looking at things more clearly. Every detail of things is available with this.

10. Use The Time-Lapse Option In Your Mobile

The time-lapse option that is available in the new phone is of great advantage. This feature can record the video of the phone in a very fast frame. Like when you are painting something and you want to make a video. So that people can see it this option is a great help. It records the whole video in a fast forward mode and it makes the whole video very crispy.

11. Access Maps In Your Mobile

mobile maps

The invention of mobile phones made it possible to look at maps on mobile phones. One can look at the maps to find places that he or she is not familiar with also the latest taxi incubating apps like Uber and Ola are very much dependent upon the maps feature of mobiles.

12. Get Into Social Media World Via Your Mobile Phone

social media

Another great advantage of mobile phones is the availability of social media apps like Whatsapp. Whatsapp revolutionized the ways of messaging and made it possible to make calls and video calls to our loved ones who are living very far from here. One can send photos, videos, and audio on this app.

13. Explore The Internet With The Help Of Your Mobile

explore internet

Talking of the advantages of mobile phone, one cannot forget the world of internet that the mobile phones bring to us. The internet opens a whole new arena of things that were not possible before this. One can message to its loved ones from long distances. One can do business over a click and now we can talk to our leaders and politicians on the internet. The world became small and very connected with the help of the internet in mobile phones.

14. Do Calculation On Your Mobile Phone


When we look at the advantages of mobile phone, we generally forget very small features without which we fail to do our day to day tasks. The calculator is one such advantage of mobile phones that made us possible to compute a large amount of data within seconds and without any error. This feature helps us to get our bills done easily in grocery stores and give our balance sheet in proper shape.

15. Make Use Of Alarm Clock

alarm clock

Another important advantage of the mobile phone is the application alarm clock. We all do not like its morning sound and want it to snooze as fast as possible but this feature saves our day when we can be late for important meetings and our class assemblies.

16. Access Your Documents/Books Via Mobile Phone

Advantages of Mobile Phone

Another important advantage of the mobile phone is the feature of reading. You can read any document or book of your like on the phone. This will not only save your money but it is an environment-friendly work that helps us to protect trees that were maybe cut due to the use of paper.

17. Keep A Tab On Your Health

Advantages of Mobile Phone

The other great advantage of a mobile phone is the latest checks on your health status. Earlier it needed a doctor to check our pulses and give details of our oxygen level. Now the phones became smart and the availability of smartwatches in phones made it possible to keep track of our health profile. This is very helpful in determining the risk status of the body and be aware of any alarming situation before it gets worse.

18. Make Payments Online

online payment

Another important feature of the mobile phone is that you can do banking payment with help of your phone. Now the latest UPI methods of payment made it possible to have a universal payment interface and one needs not to go to the bank for any bank transfer you can do it with the help of your phone nowadays.

19. Google Lens – Translate Anything To Your Native Language

Google Lens
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The new feature that is available in many smartphones which is known as Google lens is also a key advantage of mobile phones. With the help of Google Lens, you can translate any foreign language to your native language. You can scan the barcode from the Google lens and pay for the product that you bought very easily. The Google lens will help us in many other ways, like you are studying and something in the Chinese language came up in the book, you can scan this and find the answer.

20. Online Shopping

online shopping

Another very important advantage of the mobile phone is that now we can shop with our phone. It was not possible earlier. We can now shop with a click of a phone and get to choose whatever brand we like and we can form our Wish list. In the old times we used to visit shops and got tired with visits from one stall to other stalls and the choices were very less in front of us. Now with the help of mobile shopping, these things have become easy after many years.

One can add and subtract from it according to the pattern in which they like. But one cannot ignore the fact that mobile plays a central role in our lives and it not only shaping our lives but giving us a way forward. The invention of mobile phones made it possible to count an endless list of the advantages of mobile phone. Do let us know in the comments your favorite advantage of mobile phones in the comment box.

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