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The Invention of mobile phones has made it possible to take a look at different News phones that are available in the market right now. In this article we will try to look at the most popular and value to money news phones of 2020. From various phones that are launched daily, it is important to give the details of the best news phones that are available on the market. There are 4 criteria on which we have made this list.

  • The first is the display of the phone because it is what matters in the news phones arena.
  • The invention of mobile phones has also made developments in our second criteria and that is the size of the battery.
  • The third important criteria this list is of processor because it determines the speed of our system.
  • The fourth and very important criteria where we judged these news phones are the value for money. We need to take a look at whatever we are purchasing is in the right price.

Below is the list of top 10 news phones in 2020.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

news Phones
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This is one of the best Smartphones available in this range. It has 17 centimetres of super Amoled screen which is considered best in the range. Battery of this device is power-packed with 4500mAH of powerful setup. It has also come with the fast charger which gives it an edge over other devices. This device is equipped with 2.7GHz+1.8GHz Exynos 9810 octa-core processor. With its 6 GBs of RAM, one can do the entire heavy task with a smooth touch. One other reason that this phone can be bought is because of the stylus that will help us to take notes etc. this comes at a price point of 34999 rupees.

2. Oneplus Nord

Oneplus Nord
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The premium smartphone brand Oneplus tried to take the mid-range smartphone market with this powerful device. This device comes with 6.44 inches full HD displays that will enrich our viewing experience great. The battery of the machine is great 4115mAH. This also comes with a great fast charger that can charge the phone in less than an hour. With its 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 765G processor this device is best in its range. It is available in 27999 rupees in Indian Market.

3. Realme X3

realme x3
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Realme is one of the best in class smartphone with the processor of Snapdragon 855+. It has a big screen of 6.6 inches which will give you an enriching and punchy experience in colour combination. The battery of this smartphone is of 4200mAH. This also comes with USB type c which will help in data transfer and 6GB of RAM gives an enhanced performance. This is priced at 22999 Indian rupees in Market.

4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

redminote 9 pro max
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This giant comes with a powerful performance packed specification. The size of the screen in this phone is of 6.67 inches. With its very large 5000mAH battery it can go all day long without interruption. The 6GB of RAM provides a best in quality performance. It is priced around 15999 rupees.

5. Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51
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This powerful device from the South Korean manufacturer gives us the highest of the battery among all its contenders. With a 7000mAH battery one does whatever he wants to do with a phone all day and night long. This phone is best for people who go for long journeys and don’t get much time in charging the device. The screen size is also pretty big of 6.7 inches. And 6GB of RAM increases the performance and keep the machine speedy. It is priced around 22999 rupees in Indian market.

6. Redmi K20 Pro

redmi K20 Pro
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An old and unmatched giant in the game still retains its place when it comes about performance and designing. With its 6.39 inches full HD screen one can expect a vivid and punchy display for what Redmi known best. The other benchmark of the phone is 4000mAh battery and a strong 6GB of RAM to keep the phone in a great condition. The best in class processor of Snapdragon 855 is also rare to find the price point that phone offers. It is priced at 27999 Indian rupees.

7. Vivo V17

Vivo V17
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No one can beat Vivo when it comes about designing of phones. Vivo V17 has proved it yet again. The invention of mobile phones made it possible to make such tech news phones. It comes with 8GB of RAM and 4500mAH battery this made this device as powerful and as energetic as one need the 6.38 inches display comes with beautiful colour qualities. This is priced about 17990 rupees.

8. Realme 6 Pro

realme 6 Pro
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This new creation of Realme do not fail to amaze us with its beautiful designing and powerful combination of specifications. It comes with a screen size of big 6.6 inches. The powerful 4300mAh battery gives all-day all-round performance to the device. And it is enhanced by the help of powerful Snapdragon 720 processor and 8GB of RAM. The device is priced around 19999 Indian rupees.

9. Poco X3

Poco X3
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These devices are made by Redmi on the name of Poco. With its best in class Snapdragon 732 processor and 8GB of RAM it gives a power-packed performance. The screen size of this is 6.67 inches full HD display. The battery is also a thing to look upon in these devices. The battery of this one is 6000mAH. It also comes with a 33-watt fast charger which takes very less time in charging the phone. It has priced very aggressively around of 16999 rupees in Indian market.

10. Redmi Note 8 Pro

redmi Note 8 Pro
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This old device still in the heart of its user based on the performance and user reviews. This slightly small and handy device comes with a display of 6.53 inches. The battery size of this one 4500mAH. The size of RAM is 6GB and the processor is MediaTek Helio G90T. This is priced around 15999 in Indian markets.

This list is one of the examples of how the invention of mobile phones and the arena of tech news phones changed over the years, and how technology has evolved in seconds.

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