Top 10 Cell Phone Inventions And Innovations

cell phone inventions and innovations
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The journey of the invention of mobile phones is closely linked with the cell phone inventions and innovations. Due to innovations and inventions, we keep thinking about the latest trends and ways in the market and how they are going to affects us. The information about these inventions and innovations gives our understandings a wing to think about the latest technological developments in the arena of the invention of mobile phones. In this article, we will look at the top 10 inventions and innovations of cell phones that changed not just the world of cell phones but our world too.

Innovation And Inventions In Cell Phone

Below is the list of the top 10 inventions and innovations of cell phones. Have a look, and do let us know which one is your favorite.  

1. Change In Life

cell phone inventions and innovations

The first invention one can say that the cell phone itself was a great innovation. It changed our lives in an unmatched way possible. No other device and the machine was able to affect our lives in the same manner. So, the topper of our list will be the invention of the cell phone itself.

2. Antenna Makes Things Easy

cell phone inventions and innovations

The second great invention in the industry of the cell phone was the feature of the antenna. There was a time when the antenna of the phone was not there and we had to talk in the area of the periphery. There was not much chance of going anywhere. So, the antenna gave us the power to move and portably carry the phone anywhere possible.

3. Mobile Phone Battery

cell phone inventions and innovations

The lithium-ion batteries can also be considered a great invention in the cell phone industry. If it was not for the lithium-ion batteries then the battery life of phones would be far less than that of today. Also, we were not able to talk about them and things that we like because of the lack of battery. One can easily place lithium-ion batteries as top inventions in the arena of mobile phones.

4. Mobile Network Of Your Choice


The other invention can be said as the feature that permitted to use of any kind of mobile network. In earlier days mobile phones were used to come in CDMA form. In this form of mobile phone, the phone used to come in the pre-installed network option, the phone company used to provide for the network also. But after the GSM came into the picture things were started getting better. In the GSM system, Mobile companies and network companies can be different so it gave a greater chance for competition between mobile companies and the different companies then changed their market strategies according to this. In my view, this was also a great innovation in the arena of the invention of mobile phones.

5. Blackberry Messenger App

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The fifth top invention according to my point of view was the inception of the blackberry messenger app. Living in 2021 we cannot understand how the BBM changed our lives and what kind of growth is provided to the business and other technocrat communities. But it was one of the greatest inventions in the arena of cell phones. One was able to send the text on BBM devices and they were connected with a form of the intranet. This was one of the very innovative ways to connect before the inception of social media. One can also argue that it was because of the BBMs the new model of social media is getting hit. The Canadian company Blackberry was once known as one of the top premium phone manufacturers and it was considered the safest phone till the arrival of the iPhone.

6. Mobile Internet

Mobile internet

Another great cell phone inventions and innovations can say as the inception of the internet. Nowadays it seems like it is a necessity. But it was not the case back then and people were okay with computers having Internet and Mobiles having just for the calling and messaging purpose. The initial understanding was given that the mobile doesn’t need any kind of internet we all know that is not true for sure. So, when the mobile has got the internet it was a new world and probably one of the greatest cell phone invention and innovation.

7. Camera Phones

Mobile internet

The other great cell phone inventions and innovations can be said as the use of the camera. One cannot deny the fact the mobile camera became a great phenomenon after its inception. They created awareness revolutions and many more things just by recording the video. Now every government servant fears this and tries not to take the bribe. As a society camera helped us in capturing and recreating the moments we left somewhere.  It can be stated as a great cell phone invention and innovation in the journey of the invention of mobile phones.

8. Mobile Phone Processor

Mobile Processor

One probably didn’t imagine this invention to be on the list but yet it’s here. The mobile phone processors are one of the greatest 21st-century inventions equally important for both mobile phones and laptops. Mobile phone processors are the hardware devices that are used to boost to speed up the speed of the phone. Snapdragon and Helio are few phone processors that revolutionize the speed of the phone and give us the power to do the daily tasks with great easiness.

9. Touch screen

cell phone inventions and innovations

The 9th greatest cell phone inventions and innovations can be said as the touch screen of the phone, which gradually enhanced the quality of the display too. We cannot imagine the time when cell phones were bulky and harsh but the invention of mobile phones made it possible to have us a great experience of touch phone which reduced the weight of the phone with a great amount.

10. Retina Display And Fingerprint Sensor

cell phone inventions and innovations

The 10th and final cell phone inventions and innovations can be said as the retina display and fingerprint sensor. Both are important security features, made to keep our phones safe from external and internal threats and theft. In earlier days the low-security phone was prone to a great security threat on data. But that is not the case from now on.

The journey of the invention of mobile phones made it possible to list as many features as one wants in the cell phone inventions and innovations but this crisp list will be useful as a guide to understanding things.

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