Top 10 Advantages Of Mobile Phone In Education

advantages of mobile phone
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The invention of mobile phones has created many advantages of mobile phone in many sectors. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the technology in the education sector which is not much hampered in the Pandemic. It went on at its own pace and now the world of education is concentrated on mobile phones and their aided features. In this article, we will be talking about the top ten advantages of mobile phones in education. Also, how it impacted the education sector with its technological revolution and other things. There are many advantages but it’s not easy to document all those in one go. So, we will look upon the various aspect of education and the many advantages that mobile phone gave to the sector.

Advantages Of Mobile Phone In The Education Sector

Here I have listed the topmost advantages of mobile phone in our education.

1. Mobile Phones Are Available At A Low Rate

advantages of mobile phone

The first and topmost advantages of mobile phone that the invention of mobile phones provided are the cheapness of this technology. Mobile phones are the machine that are cheapest than their all counterparts compared to Laptops and Tablets. If one wants to learn things then as little investment as 10000 rupees can help in getting its dream come true. One example I can remember is a guy from Kerala who cleared the state civil service examination with the help of a mobile phone only.

2. Student-Friendly Features

advantages of mobile phone

The second advantages of mobile phone are the availability of various student-friendly feature that a mobile phone provides. The free video streaming application likes Youtube helps teachers from various parts of the world to record and share videos with their different students. Many online educators which are popular in India are giving jobs to many people, Study IQ is one such platform.

3. Online Classes

advantages of mobile phone

The third advantage one can list is the primary feature of the mobile phone which is calling from remote places. Suppose one needs to give a lecture from a remote place then he or she can give the lecture on the phone on call.

4. Record Lectures

advantages of mobile phone

The fourth advantage of mobile phones is their ability to record and send the lectures. This feature is really important. It gives the ability to the institution to spread knowledge all over the world. Also, keep a record of what is taught.

5. Stay Connected With Your Friends

advantages of mobile phone

Mobile phones help in institution building which its fifth advantage. With the help of mobile phones, one can be part of social media and connect with his or her old friends of the same institution. It can also help new alums on the path of the future. Many colleges and Universities have Alumnus clubs which are connected with mobile phones and the use of the internet.

6. Online Meeting Apps

advantages of mobile phone

The sixth advantage one can list is the availability of various online meeting apps that a mobile phone proves like the feature of zoom and google meet. The world of education has conducted more webinars in this year only as compared to five years combined. This is the power of the mobile phone which gives people the chance to connect from remote places.

7. Online Education

advantages of mobile phone

The seventh advantage one can list is the engaging capacity of a mobile phone in the long term. A study was conducted and it was said that with an ongoing situation like these many million children will not be able to continue their ongoing education. Mobile phones solved this problem temporarily, due to online education the child or the student can be accommodated via online education and this will not cost parents much amount and they will easily continue the education of the child.

8. Good Battery Life

battery life

The eighth advantage one can list of mobile phones in education can be said as its battery life. The general smartphones run all day long with a full battery charge. While one needs to connect the desktop with the power source and the battery of the Laptop and Tablet is no more than 5 hours. By this comparison, the clear winner is the Mobile phone which Students can use all day long.

9.Online Assessments

online education

The ninth advantage of the mobile phone is the education sector is its various other features which in its interactive manner try to accommodate and give education. Some games which are made for the children can be played on mobiles. The quizzes can be played on mobiles. The teachers can give assignments and check assignments on the WhatsApp. The remainder feature of the mobile phones also helps mobile phones to achieve the goal of student’s education. The mobile phones give a sense of security to the teachers and students that their students and teachers will be able to finish their education.

10. Save Time

alarm clock

The tenth and last advantage of the mobile phone one can list is its feature of its time-saving feature. Mobile phones save a lot of our time in education which we can use for reading writing and other purposes. The mobile phones have a great edge in these things and it provides us the space where education can flourish in their beautiful way. The need for mobile phones will be lost long for education purposes but one needs to be careful with its usage and misuse at the same time. The concerns about privacy and the wrong addiction to phones are a few things one must be careful about. These are some of the things which must be taken care of if we are going to base our education on mobile phones.

Other Benefits Of Advantages Of Mobile Phone In Education

The mobile phones came as a blessing to our lives and it affected mostly positive in the various aspects of our lives. However, one thing has its boon and bare at the same times so we need to be careful when things come to education. This is because it’s the most important thing that we humans give to our offspring the knowledge we acquired after multiple years of evolution. Any carelessness about this must be addressed in a great concern. The invention of mobile phones made it possible for us to see the advantages of mobile phone, we must take our responsibility seriously at least in the education sector. You can also check out some other interesting advantages of mobile phone in life of student.

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