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After money, if there is one materialistic thing that we seem to care about the most are mobile phones and since you are here you most probably wanted to know who invented mobile phones, these amazing compact devices. Right?  This is the first thing that you look at when you open your eyes in the morning and before you go into a good night sleep. With such proximity to these, it is quite obvious that we would like to know who is the man behind this and that is exactly what we are going to share in this article.

Why Wireless Mobile Phones?

Alike, any other invention in history the invention of the mobile phone has an interesting story behind it. To begin with, we all know that before mobile phones came into existence we used telephones and landlines that were used merely for communication and nothing more than that. The man behind this life-changing invention, Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola thought that wired telephones were nothing but leashes that restrict us to be attached to our desks and tables.

who invented mobile

Even before these wired telephones entered the picture, communication was mainly done by a radio which was given to policemen. However, to take things up a notch AT&T decided to introduce in-car phones which would again restrict us but this time to our cars. Well, that is when Marty Cooper knew what is it exactly that could bring a revolution in the world of cellular communication, phones that could be carried freely and that is how the idea of mobile phones was introduced to the humankind.

Do you know what is the most interesting part about this invention? It has to be, how much time did it take for Martin Cooper and his company to execute this very fascinating idea. Well, to our surprise it was just 90 days and the journey from using a 13-kilogram communication device to something that weighed just 1 kilogram was completed.

Another interesting question that might pop up in your mind who did Martin Cooper call the first time using this newly invented mobile phone. Well, the answer to this particular question is also extremely exciting. The person who invented mobile phones decided to make the first call to none other than his rival at a rival company named Joel Engel. How very smart of him. Isn`t it?

All About Martin Cooper

who invented mobile
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At this point, now that we have discussed the who and why about the invention of the mobile phone it’s time that we know a little bit more about the who part and delve into. In 1973, Martin Cooper was already with his new-age cell phone and it was then that he came to be known as the father of cellular phone. Being an engineer which is now the most sought-after job nobody would have thought that this man would lead time and invent something as great as a cellular mobile phone but Cooper was one- of a kind and no ordinary person. He executed his idea of designing a communicating device that will no longer leash you to tables and desks.

A graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago) Cooper joined the U.S. Navy, after which he joined the Motorola company. During his job in the organization he worked on several wireless communication projects and after he came up with this invention he became the vice president of the Motorola company. However, there is a twist in the story. The one developed by Cooper wasn’t the first mobile phone introduced but it has already done by the rival company AT&T in the year 1946 but since it didn’t completely free the masses for communicating with their friends and relatives from wherever they would want, it wasn’t a complete success.

who invented mobile
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The first mobile phone developed by Motorola was called DynaTac (Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage) and was quite good for the first model. However, the first mobile phone which was manufactured for sale to the consumers came in 1983 ten years later, and was named as DynaTac 8000x. But, what about the person who invented mobile phones? Martin Cooper quit his job at Motorola and started two different businesses of his own in the next five years.

A rather driven man Martin Cooper has several patents on his name and his journey with wireless communication does not end when he came to be known as the person who invented mobile phones. He was also working on wireless internet applications and to make it accessible for everyone with a cell phone in his hand. He had a vision that the internet too should not be used just by sitting on a desk using a computer but people should be able to carry the power of the internet with themselves too. 

Martin Cooper’s Net Worth

Being introduced to the inventor of cellular phones aren`t you the least bit interested in what is his net worth today? We would like to answer this question without any delay and thus, the net worth of Cooper is between $100,000-$1M. However, did you know Martin Cooper was awarded the Charles Stark Daper Prize by the National Academy of Engineering in 2013?

Martin Cooper

Today, we cannot imagine a day without our mobile phones, and unfortunately, even if we have to it feels like the world has come to a halt. Such is the power of these small devices called cell phones. The purpose which it was meant for that is connecting with your friends and family is the last thing you would do with your mobile phone. From making new friends to ordering food to buy the million-dollar car, everything can do be done with the help of these mobile phones and yes, we have come a long way from the mobile phones in the year 1973 all because we had inventors like Martin Cooper dedicated to making our lives better and easier. Moreover, now that we know who invented mobile phones and we can now get back to taking the advantages of this fantastic device. 

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