Disadvantages And Advantages Of Mobile Phones

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Mobile Phones

Look around you and you won’t find a single being without a mobile phone. We know how to use these devices to make our life easier. But what we don’t know is what effects it has, in other words, the disadvantages and advantages of mobile phones. Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones Every time something new … Read more

Portable Nokia Mobile Phone Mobira Cityman 900

mobira cityman 900

Mobira Cityman 900 is a great leap forward in the way of the invention of mobile phones. This legendary device was one of the classiest machines of its time. A time when the weight of the Mobile phone was still a problem for many Mobile Phones. The American Mobile giant Motorola has made the phone … Read more

Do We Have Mobile Phones Before 1991?

1991 Mobile Phone

The invention of mobile phones revolutionized our whole lives, but when we think about 1991 Mobile Phone the picture doesn’t become much clearer in that sense. The presence of mobile phones is such that in our lives that we really cannot imagine our lives without them. However, the answers to this question the do we … Read more