Do We Have Mobile Phones Before 1991?

1991 Mobile Phone

The invention of mobile phones revolutionized our whole lives, but when we think about 1991 Mobile Phone the picture doesn’t become much clearer in that sense. The presence of mobile phones is such that in our lives that we really cannot imagine our lives without them. However, the answers to this question the do we … Read more

What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Phone Technology?

advantages of mobile phone

This question now and then comes into our mind whenever we look upon the journey of the invention of the mobile phones, the advantages of mobile phones has been increasing day by day. In this article, we will talk about what are the main advantages of mobile phone technology and how it evolved over the … Read more

How The Invention Of Mobile Phones Started?

How the invention of mobile phones started?

In the 1970s, researchers at Bell Labs within the USA began to experiment with the concept of a telephone network. The thought was to hide the country with a network of hexagonal cells, each of which might contain a base station. How the invention of mobile phones was made is explained in the following area,  … Read more