The Real Reason – Why You Cannot Use Cell Phone On Airlines


Using a cell phone on airlines is no longer prohibited. We used to turn off our telephones and save them when we flew, but now they can be left in “airplane mode.” Why does this happen? What has changed? What has changed? Were not aircraft meant to fall from the sky to leave any forgotten … Read more

Why Are Cell Phones Called ‘Cell Phones’?

why are cell phones called cell phones

While scrolling down that screen we are sure the question that why are cell phones called cell phones must have crossed your mind. Right? Well, we think it is time that you finally sit down, read this article and get the correct answer to your question. So, let us begin and answer your question in … Read more

What Was The Idea Behind Invention Of Mobile Phones?

Invention Of Mobile Phones

Martin Cooper, the one who changed the world, did not even know that his 1973 “Invention of Mobile phones” would change the future of the world. At Motorola Company, Martin Cooper and his team led to the invention of mobile phones and boosting the communications industry. They created that one thing, which right now is … Read more