Steps To Find Your Android Phone History

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One of the things that you will be coming to Google for a solution is to know how to find mobile phone history. Well, that’s how important it is. 

We all agree that the invention of mobile phones had one sole reason behind it, communicating. But, how many times have you used your phones for that one reason? Very few, right? Making and receiving calls has now become the basic feature of mobile phones and there is so much more than you can do with it. You can surf the internet, use social media platforms and so much more. 

You must be aware that there are only two ways by which you can make use of all these features. Either you use the web browser and search from different search results or you can download the application from play store for android. But, both ways have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While apps are not available for every service provider on the internet, a web browser comes with a series of disadvantages.

Phones history

The most popular web browser is Google Chrome and while it’s quick, easy to use and widely available it comes with several nuisances. To begin with, it records a history of all the web pages you have visited and all the actions you have taken while using the internet. Sometimes, while it can be useful other times we do not want to share that information with anyone else.

When the invention of mobile phones took place, it wasn’t known that it would be able to use the wireless internet technology but now that it has there are certain things that you need to take care of. For example, finding your phone history and deciding whether you want to save it for future use or delete it. Either way, we are going to tell you how to find your phone history. 

Steps To Find Your Android Phone History

There are two ways by which you can view your android phone history.

Method 1

For the first way all you have to do is type chrome://history in the address bar of your Google Chrome browser and there you have it, the history of your android phone. After this, you can either view these sites again or delete from the history if you do not want your siblings or anyone else to know about it. 

Method 2

For the second method, you will have to make a few clicks. To begin with, when you open a new tab, click on a three-dotted icon on the top right-hand corner of your desktop. This will open a menu for you where you will see a lot of options like new tab, new window, new incognito window and then history. 

Click on history and you will be taken to the history web page from where either you can delete certain web pages or visit them again.


With the invention of mobile phones, there are certainly new things you would have to learn and know for better usage of these devices such as how to find the phone history. 

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