Snapdragon 765G Vs 865: Which Is Best?

Snapdragon 765G Vs 865
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When you are looking for a processor that is the talk of the town, Snapdragon 765G vs 865 is one comparison that you should be looking forward to. While one of them has been designed keeping in mind the flagship-level smartphones, the other is more inclined towards mid-range smartphones.

Here is a comparison table with the different technical aspects of Snapdragon 765G vs 865 processor:

ProcessorSnapdragon 765GSnapdragon 865
StorageUFS 3.0UFS 3.0
CPUTri-cluster octa-core 3x Kryo 485 @2.2 GHz 4x Kryo 485 @1.8 GHzTri-cluster octa-core 3x Kryo 585 @2.4 GHz 4x Kryo 585 @1.8 GHz
ISP and CameraSpectra 355 Up to 192PSpectra 480 Up to 200MP
ModemSnapdragon X52 Integrated 5G ModemSnapdragon X55/X60 External 5G Modem
FabricationSamsung 7nm EUVTSMC’s 7nm N7P
AIQualcomm Hexagon 696 DSP 5th gen AI EngineQualcomm Hexagon 698 DSP 5th gen AI Engine
GPUAdreno 620Adreno 650

Now, that means there is a considerable difference between the two and it is going to affect the performance of your device in one way or another. So, without waiting any further let us see one by one, what are the aspects that will be affected by the Snapdragon 765G vs 865 processor.

CPU Performance

The CPU performance of a device when putting in simple terms means, the overall or collective performance of all the elements. And since 865 is a more powerful processor with all advanced cores in place it is bound to have a higher clock speed.

765G on the other hand has more basic cores that make its pricing lower. But here is the good part. To most of the users who are engrossed in their lives outside the smartphone and don’t’ care about tiny little things, they won’t be able to spot any difference. However, if you want to know what it feels like to have snapdragon 765G vs 865 processors on either side, any high-end game installed on the devices will let you know.

The Fabrication

If you know anything about Snapdragon you must know that the chipsets are designed by Qualcomm but in no way means they make it as well. They hire a third party to do it for them. While the credit for fabrication for 865 goes to TSMC, Samsung is where you should be looking, for the 765G processor.

Now, here’s the difference between the two. Samsung has done a better job than TSMC in fabricating the Qualcomm chipset in a way that the 765G is more power-efficient than its competitor. Again, the difference is not very noticeable but this is one aspect where the efficiency has nothing to do with the pricing.

Camera And ISP

One of the main reasons why customers are willing to go a little over their budget is because they are getting a better camera on the smartphone. At this point, as readers of our website, you must know that the pixel of a camera is not everything. There are so many other elements that work in the software to capture a good shot and for that image to look good. One of them is the ISP or Image Signal Processors.

This ISP has so much to do with how quickly your phone can focus, capture and process the image for you. As for the Snapdragon 765G vs 865, the latter is quicker and better. This is due to the Spectra 480 ISP that is on the 865 chipsets.

Gaming Performance

Are you a gamer? But just on the initial stages where you can do with gaming on your mobile screens? Then 865 is the processor for you since it comes with a higher clock speed, Desktop Forward Rendering, better specifications, updatable drivers, etc. This means there is no limit as to how much you can game and experiment with the latest updates that come along your way.

On the other hand, the 765G processor uses the Adreno 620 GPU which is not a bad option either.

What are the features of the Snapdragon 765G vs 865 processor?

In the previous section, we went through the different aspects where a processor plays an important role and has an impact. While in some places one was better at others the latter played out. But what are the features of these processors when looked at individually? Check them out here:

The Snapdragon 765G processor:

  • Quick Charge AI Technology
  • The battery life cycle is extended up to 200 days.
  • Smarter and a quicker camera.
  • Dolby Vision video playback is supported.
  • Qualcomm Game Fast Loader, Game Jank Reducer v2.0, and Network Latency Manager are supported.

The Snapdragon 865 processor:

  • Features the All-new Qualcomm Hexagon Tensor Accelerator.
  • The new ISP operates at 2 Gigapixels per second.
  • HD slow-motion video can be captured at 960 FPS
  • Twice more powerful 5th generation Qualcomm AI Engine
  • 25% faster performance due to Kyro CPU
  • Low power AI voice assistant


If you were confused between the two processors and want to know our two cents briefly, we say for performance, better images, gaming, etc. the 865 is the better option. However, if you are not into these things and only want a regular but decent smartphone the 765G processor is more than enough for you. There, there is not much we can say about Snapdragon 765G vs 865.

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