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Redmi Go
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The Redmi Go features are most of the time overshadowed by other models from the same manufacturer as well as other manufacturing companies. But, in this article, we aim to go through the Redmi Go feature and Redmi Go specification and review the smartphone for our readers.

There are many reasons for this. But, the primary reason is the fact that it is a low budget smartphone. The Redmi Go is priced at just Rs 4,499. It is very hard to find even a decent smartphone under this budget but Redmi has entered in this ultra-low- end range with this model. And it is for us to see if Redmi has been successful or not.

So, let us begin by having a look at the key specifications of the Redmi Go smartphone.

Key specifications   
Display size5- inch HD display
Screen resolution720 x 1280 pixels
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 425 Octa-core Processor
Storage8 GB/ 16 GB
Rear camera8 MP
Front camera5 MP
Battery3000 mAh
Redmi Phone
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After the invention of mobile phones, there has been considerable development in the way how companies are designing their mobile phones. And this is one of the aspects which set a smartphone apart from others in the market. The Redmi Go, however, is a rather ordinary-looking smartphone with no fancy design or pattern on the back panel. It is a simple plastic body with round edges but having a look at it you would not feel like you have only paid 4.499 for this. You get two color options to choose from- Black and Blue. Both of which have a back panel that does not attract unnecessary fingerprints.


As for the display, you get a 5- inch display with thin bezels and a wide chin surrounding it. The rectangular screen has a screen ratio of 16:9 with buttons on the bottom. Unfortunately, the buttons are not backlit and thus we cannot exactly say that it is one of those old compact mobile phones when the touchscreen was quite new. Also, unlike most smartphones these days it has two trays for two SIM cards. The display is protected with hardened 2.5D glass and the screen is quite vibrant to our surprise. With good enough brightness you also get a night light feature. All in all the display is perfect for the pricing and there is nothing as such wrong with it.


Redmi Go has been designed with two main features in mind. The screen and the processor. It has a Snapdragon 425 Octa-core processor. There are better and new processors in the market perfect for budget smartphones and this one is quite old, to be honest. Nevertheless, it has the Android 8.1 version suited for the 8 GB RAM. Had it been the latest android version this RAM capacity would have not been enough but Redmi has surely played it smart here. Moreover, the Redmi Go flash file lets you upgrade or downgrade the Android version which is another wonderful Redmi Go features. You do not get fingerprint sensors or face recognition with this phone. The user interface is a little better than what you would expect in a low budget smartphone like this. And is customizable to great extent as well. You also get some of the preinstalled apps from Redmi like the Mi Drop, Mi Community, Cleaner Apps etc. The Redmi Go EDL point is supported as well.


The specifications of a smartphone greatly affect performance. Especially the memory and storage capacities. You get 1 GB RAM and as for storage, there are two variants- 8GB and 16GB. Due to the 1 GB RAM, even the most basic tasks like opening the menu or opening the messaging app there is a lot of lag. The apps take a lot of time to load and to function. For gamers, this is not the phone to go with. You can install games like PUBG and Asphalt but these applications won’t run. The storage is not enough and even if you have a microSD card and make space for the application, it would largely affect the performance of the device. However, when you load casual games like Subway Surfers or Temple Run they would work perfectly fine.


You should never expect much from a camera of a low budget smartphone and the Redmi Go is no exception. The camera app has very basic features like HDR, some colorful filters, manual mode, focus etc. The pictures clicked from the rear camera had beautiful vibrant colors and they looked good on the screen as well. Not to mention, the quality was not good. The close-ups and detailing on the photos were not great. As for the pictures clicked at night, they weren’t great either. They lacked the detail and quality but you can make out what the picture is about. The selfie camera has a 5-megapixel sensor and the photos are exactly how you would expect from that megapixel. The camera is not entirely bad but you would not want to rely on it completely.


You get a 3000 mAh battery and it is quite impressive for a smartphone costing under 5,000. You would not expect fast charging but the battery lasts you for an entire day.


Redmi Go is a smartphone suited for people with budget constraints. If you are a first-time smartphone buyer or upgrading from another low budget smartphone you can give this a shot.

But, you must not have high expectations, you get what you pay for and the Redmi Go features are proof of that.

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