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mobira cityman 900
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Mobira Cityman 900 is a great leap forward in the way of the invention of mobile phones. This legendary device was one of the classiest machines of its time. A time when the weight of the Mobile phone was still a problem for many Mobile Phones. The American Mobile giant Motorola has made the phone which was roughly 2.5 pounds. It was not functional to travel on that phone. Then comes the legend of the game which we now know as the Mobira Cityman 900. In 1987 Nokia (one of the most successful mobile phone company) has launched this smart device. Everyone was fascinated with the idea that mobile phones would be small. No one imagined that these will be this small.  In this article, we will know more about this 28-year-old legend device.

Launch Of The Phone And Politics

“Everything is in your hands now. Connections. Time. The freedom to move.” This is how the Nokia Mobira Cityman sales brochure described the benefits of owning a mobile phone in the late 1980s. Today, 1 / 4 of a century later, it’s time to appear back at the history of a legendary device.

The Nokia Mobira Cityman is celebrating its twenty-eight years of successful launch. it was the primary itinerant designed for the NMT networks. This moveable phone attracted international media attention once Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, President of the Soviet state. He was photographed creating a decision from Finnish capital to the capital of the Russian Federation – earning the phone the nickname “Gorba.” 

When Gorbachev held this phone, this was not just handling the phone, but it was a sign that the Soviet Union was opening towards the world. He was celebrating the things that were achieved by the private enterprises. We know that the Soviet Union had a state-controlled economy and it didn’t give any individual to work according to their minds. Everyone was a force to do the work that the state wanted them to do. The premier of such country when uses the phone it gives a strong signal to the world that there are forces one must reckon with.

Specifications And Other Features

When launched, the Cityman depicted the technology innovation and was one thing entirely new. Earlier mobile phones had weighed up to 5 kilos, however, the Cityman solely weighed 800 grams, as well as the battery. It presently became a well-liked high-end tool and a standing image – and it wasn’t low cost. In today’s cash a Cityman would set you back around 4,500 euros. If we compare it with today’s price then it would have cost more than 10 lacs. One can beat his head while thinking about the phone which costs 10 lacs rupees. However, it happened and the invention of the mobile phones has created the space for Mobira Cityman 900.

Judging by the Nokia Mobira Cityman folder, it’s evident that mobile phones weren’t for everybody back in 1987. They were supposed for people on the go. Today, mobile phones area unit useful devices that will be used for browsing the net, being attentive to music, enjoying games, and reading newspapers. Within the late Eighties, their main purpose was to create people a lot of approachable and accessible – and that they were quite handy to create with too.

The Cityman was primarily sold to successful urban professionals – ‘yuppies. It wasn’t goodbye past, however nowadays we will raise associate degree pleased brow at that world: The folder has photos of individuals with phones on ski slopes, court game courts, and in nightclubs. The text informs readers that they will currently create a decision from anyplace – in the city, at an emporium, bus, or restaurant. they will even decision a cab if they get uninterested in watching for one on a cold evening. Imagine that! Now it all looks a touch obvious, however, in those days, individuals were required to be told what an itinerant was for.

The Invention Of Mobile Phones And Mobira Cityman 900

Mobira Cityman 900 is a feather in the caps of the invention of the modern mobile phone. No one would have imagined that our technology would be able to achieve this goal of such advancement before the inception of this device. This phone has proved that an individual can achieve the goal whichever he sets. Due to its high price, it wasn’t going away to a large public but soon it opened the door for an all-new world. A world whose blessings are with us till now.

This phone was stylish and suddenly became the style statement of many rich persons. A status symbol that everyone wanted to have but due to high prices only a few of them were able to afford them. It also opened all-new ways on which Nokia developed many successful phone models and was one of the topmost companies which increased its market capitalization with help of the phone models.

Whenever people will talk about Mobile Phones and the invention of Mobile phones, they will surely think of the Mobira Cityman 900. A phone that gave wings to the people, business, and a dream of all new world which was earlier not possible in any way. This gave rise to a new kind of political change where the Soviet Union was collapsed and many new breathing countries emerged from it. This sign was first given by Gorbachev when he used that phone. One can remember the phone for many reasons.

They can be personal, professional, or political. The kind of memories are not important the important thing is how it shapes our lives and how our lives get affected by these.  Mobira Cityman 900’s marketing or the price can be an issue one can debate or discuss all day and night but he has to admit that the center of the debate is the phone. This was the effect of this legend on our lives earlier. Whenever we think about the invention of mobile phones, we must remember Mobira Cityman 900 as a true beast in all senses.

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