NASA Selects Nokia To Build Its First 4G Cellular Network On The Moon

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The invention of mobile phones got a new height by Finnish tech giant Nokia yet proved its expertise over the matters it handles best. News Phones will get a new upgrade. Nokia has introduced an addition over their expertise by associating themselves with NASA’s associate. The company will be partnering with this premier space organization to develop the first 4G network on space. This something we call a piece of news in the arena of new phones. It will give a sustainable human feeling to the International Space Stations and the lunar station. One can say that we are not only searching the lives out there in the space but we are also creating them.

NASA And Nokia’s Plan

Nokia Bell Labs pioneering innovations will now be first used to build and set the ultra-compact low power, space hardened, and end-to-end LTE solution on the lunar surface in late 2022. We can say that there is not much time left to conduct this powerful project. NASA choosing the Nokia shows us the quality it provides to our daily news phones.

This Nokia NASA network will give the critical communication powers for different data transmission applications, including important directions and controlling facilities, remote control of lunar rovers, and real-time without legging navigation will be streamed in high-definition videos. These applications are one of the keys for vital long-term communications and human presence on the lunar surface. Talking about Nokia’s 5G is also very important here because it doesn’t ideally suit the development of the network over the lunar surfaces. The 4G networks were ideally suited to carry out the instructions given by astronauts. Things like telemetry and biometric data exchange and the control of robotics and sensor payloads can be done easily by the 4G LTE network for that matter it excels in every way.

On the launch of the event Marcus Wilson, CTO at Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs president said: “Leveraging our rich and successful history in space technologies from pioneering satellite communication to discovering the cosmic microwave background radiation produced by the big bang, we are now building the first-ever cellular network communications on the moon. A reliable, resilient, and high-capacity communications network will be key to supporting sustainable human presence on the lunar surface. By building the first higher performance wireless network solution on the moon, Nokia Bell Labs is once again Planting the flag for pioneering innovation beyond the conventional limits.”

The Use Of Technology And Way Forward

Nokia’s lunar network consists of LTE stations on the base with EPC functions, LTE user equipment, RF antennas, and high- reliability operations and Maintaining control software. This solution is specially designed to suffer the harsh dramatic conditions of the launch and landing on the lunar surface.

We expect that Nokia will achieve all the success in this great endeavor and NASA will also be satisfied with its work. The invention of Mobile Phones has come a long way from the first cell phone to the news phone space.

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