How Worthy Are The Moto Wireless Earbuds?

Moto Wireless Earbuds
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If you like to keep up with the happenings in the tech industry you must have heard about the moto wireless earbuds. Motorola was determined to startle the users with these new earbuds which can either be used as wired, wireless or true wireless. However, this is not something that Motorola can be entirely credited for. Rather it has partnered with Hubble Connected for this innovative product.

Doesn’t it sound great? It does to us, as well. And that is why we thought of reviewing it for you. So, let’s begin by discussing the moto wireless earbuds one by one.


Since this is a new concept and one-of-a-kind device, you have to expect the unexpected. When you look at it first, they look like any other in-ear buds. But when you look at the three holes you know this is not an ordinary wireless earbud.

The moto wireless earbuds can be made into wired and wireless by attaching the wires. The earbuds also have a touchpad that has the Motorola logo on it.

The earbuds come in an elegant case that is small but so functional. You get two wires to turn these truly wireless earbuds into wireless and wired. The case has also got an LED indicator at the front and a Micro-USB port for charging at the back.


The Moto wireless earbuds use Bluetooth version 5.0 and considering the price point, we did expect it. this version of Bluetooth allows your earphones to be connected to the smartphone for about 100ft. However, this distance works only when there are not a lot of obstacles mid-way. In case, there are any, the range is decreased to just 30 ft.

Ease Of Use

Now that we have talked about the design and working of the moto wireless earbuds, it’s time we see in what ways it has made our life easier.

To begin with, the true wireless mode is the best one in our opinion. We say this because the connectivity is quite quick and all you have to do is switch on the earbuds, turn on Bluetooth on the device you want to pair, and select ‘Tech3’. Your earbuds are connected instantly and you can start listening to your playlist.

Now, when you want to switch to wireless mode, just connect the wires, and you are done. As for the wired mode, just connect the last piece of wire and you are good to go. But the best thing is that these small earbuds come with certain shortcuts as well. When we are using the true wireless or wireless mode, you can control play or pause by tapping on the earbuds once. If you wish to skip to the next song, tap twice and tap thrice to repeat the same song. Long press on the earbud where the logo is placed to activate the voice assistant on your device. Moreover, when you are in the wired mode the button on the wire will control the song for you.

Sound Quality

Now is the time to discuss the sound quality of the moto wireless earbuds, the one we have been waiting for, for so long.

Since this is a 3-in-1 wireless earbud the sound quality is different in all three modes. For the true wireless and wireless mode, we observed that the bass was impressive, and even when your volume is set to the max the sound quality remains the same.

For the last one, the wired mode was slightly better than the last two. This is obviously because the wired mode is better than any Bluetooth mode. The bass, highs, and lows were equally good on this one.

Battery Life

The battery life of Bluetooth earbuds is as important as anything else. But since the moto wireless earbuds come with a wired mode as well, we don’t need to go so hard on it.

Motorola says that you can use the earbuds straight for up to 18 hours without any interruption. But, in reality, it only lasts for about 15 to 16 hours. However, keep in mind that this is not a disappointment since the battery drainage depends on the volume and type of music you are listening to.

As for the charging, you can charge the earbuds completely in about 90 minutes or so, which is quite good.


The moto wireless earbuds are priced at Rs 5,999 in India as of now and we think the price point is completely worth it if you are looking for versatile earphones, have good battery life, and look classy and most importantly last long. You see, we all know that affordable smartphones betray us within two to three months of usage and it is always wiser to invest in good quality earphones or earbuds. For us, the moto wireless earbuds are just the perfect one

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