Why Is My Location Wrong On My Android Phone?

why is my location wrong on my android phone
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Are you still looking out for answers as to why be my location wrong on my android phone? Well, GPS or Global Positioning System is one of the features as to why smartphones work so well for us. We can rely on them for almost all of our works. Be it booking an Ola, ordering food, or calling for grocery online. All of this can be done within seconds because our smartphones are adorned with a small GPS receiver. But what if this receiver stops working or decided to betray you by reading the wrong location? We know it’s going to be a nightmare and that is why we are going to help you with your question, why is my location wrong on my android phone.

Reason 1: Obstructions

The most common and obvious reason as to why my location wrong on my android phone is that the satellites are not able to read your location properly. This happens because of an unclear line of sight. For example, a forest, heavy clouds, or when you are too far away from a settlement.

So, to resolve this issue all you can do is get away from these obstructions or find a place that is rather busy or wait for some sun.

Reason 2: Mobile Phones With Slow Internals

Many a time your mobile phone has the wrong location because it doesn’t have a fast or good enough processor and when this is the case and you have switched on the GPS just now, the receiver might not have been able to read the location properly.

What you can do here is when you see the location to be wrong once, try switching on and off the GPS and wait for the correct location to appear. You might even have to wait for some time.

Reason 3: Faulty ISP

Since the GPS receiver works only when your phone has a strong internet connection. Sometimes it might even be your ISP causing this problem. So, what you can do is report it to the ISP or try switching the Wi-fi on and off.

Reason 4: A Minor Software Glitch

With smartphones visiting different websites and you clicking on any link that appears on the internet, there are chances that there is some software glitch that is intervening with the working of your device.

If you suspect the same, try restarting your phone once. If the issue still pertains you will have to try something else or update your phone.

Reason 5: Location Settings

Before you get worried and panicked that your device has a wrong location, make sure that the GPS feature on your android device is on and it is not reading some previous location. Also, try checking and going through your location settings. Follow the below-mentioned steps once to see if the settings are in place or not:

  • Open the settings application.
  • Look for the Location option and see if the toggle is on or not.
  • Next, click on Location or long-press on it for Location settings.
  • For Improve Accuracy, switch on the use of Wi-fi and Bluetooth.
  • Also, go through the location permissions for the different apps installed on your device to make sure that no unnecessary apps are using your location services.


Being able to share your location is one of the most helpful features of a smartphone. So, make sure you are using it to the fullest and that your device isn’t reading the wrong location. Or it would be too late to fix. Our top 5 reasons and their solutions on why is my location wrong on my android phone will surely be of help then.

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