Life Before The Invention Of Mobile Phones

Life Before The Invention Of Mobile Phones
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If you remember life before the invention of mobile phones and electronics, you almost certainly possess the power to entertain yourself (if necessary) and relate to what you’re close to reading. Before the invention of mobile phones, people were dependent only upon their abilities, to be happy and healthy by communicating with people. As no mobiles were available, having a face-to-face conversation was necessary. Somewhere along the road, society decided that it had been necessary for constant and instant gratification.

Communication – Meeting In Person

In today’s life, every single thing you need is at your doorstep, along with the entertainment as well as the daily necessaries. But in those times, there is no such technology that would bring you whatever you want.  One needed to do it on their terms or with the help of others.

Meeting in Person

Those days people would gather around in some commonplace and have discussions about everyone’s welfare. There was no evil amongst each other. Elder people will be having discussions while the children of different families gather and play different games and do naughty things. There used to be headed for every community who would decide what’s to be done for the welfare of our society.  Earlier, peace and harmony existed between various castes and religions, they supported each other and respected one another.  Relations between different communities were in harmony.

Rituals were performed, once the whole community gathered at their holy place and had grand feasts. They did not have any materialistic relations between people. The bond between them was healthy and peace full. This is the kind of communication required between people also living far away from one another. So to provide communication, pigeons were used as a mailing system to send messages and to avail response from them in return.

Letters Carried By Pigeon

To communicate with a person who lives far away, people in those days used a special technology that modern man has ever seen is the pigeons transferring messages from one place to another to that specific person related to. One cannot find this technology now, because of the increase in technology, modern man has left behind these birds as a part of growth.

Letters Carried by Pigeon

Also, with an increase in manpower, mailboxes were used to transfer messages to people who lived away, and these mailboxes were placed every few meters in town. The job of a pigeon was carried out by a person here. There was no immediate response and people eagerly waited for a reply. There were no cell phones, so if you wanted to call someone, they had to be home, to answer the phone unless they were already calling some other person indicated by the busy tone. Even before the invention of mobile phones, personal party lines existed, but were uncommon to possess your line.

Later on, improvements were made in the cellular system, where call-waiting allows the user to hold the person on call and can switch to other callers on the phone. Even more mind-blowing than that, answering machines and caller ID came along then you knew who was calling you; supplying you with the power to decide as if to take the call or terminate the call.

Play Time – Hooray, It’s Weekend!

Play Time

Kids those days were highly active and used to have fun with friends. As there was no technology or mobile phones or the internet, they were super healthy and cheerful. When it was weekend,  communal celebrations, friendly kitty parties, and other fun activities were done and it made children happy. When the weekend and/or free time presented itself, the quality for people you thought you were compatible with, was overlooked if nobody else was available. Due to the good relations between different families, there would be more growth in new friendships. If you were lucky enough to possess a lover or two accessible, you almost certainly played games outside like “Mother May I?”, and many others.

Children used to enjoy each other’s company and lived their lives happily. Before the invention of mobile phones, those times were the golden era with fewer diseases – sight-blindness, obesity, or unnecessary headaches. There were no cancers and other deadly diseases.

Family Is Forever – Always Better Together

During early mornings, dad used to sprinkle water to the house garden, the cool breeze, and the fresh climate makes it even more blissful and the fun was doubled. If you were lucky enough to have access to a pool on a hot day, you were required to wait a minimum of 30 minutes to go swimming; never mind, they never wore sunscreen! There were repeatedly the sole drink you had all day while playing outside was a sip of hose water; no juice boxes. Different ice treats were made by mom, as it was a hot day and one such favorite is Popsicles.

Family is forever

One can enjoy the healthy rain, as long as there is no hint of lightning. But when you saw that hint, even then the play can be continued inside home, by the underlying Christmas tree. The imagination of children comes into play, inside home, by playing funny games, like clap and hide and many more. Cardboard games were played, or the building of castles was done which was enjoyed by every child.

Dinner time was family time. As there was no television or any other gadgets like today, the entire family used to gather around the dining table, have dinner and then clean the utensils, and have some healthy sleep. The timings were exact every single day and it would never change even if anyone missed the timing. If you miss dinner, then you have to sleep tight with an empty stomach. Much like the show on TV, the dinner menu usually consisted of whatever Dad liked.

Life before the invention of these electronics was quite simple and peaceful, but more convenient with the invention of mobile phones, virtual relationships are getting higher importance than real, lively relations. By enjoying these conveniences and the benefits of technology, it is highly tough to live without these facilities. There was a genuine connection to life, devoid of unnecessary toxicity that is obtained from social media today.

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