Latest Android Operating System – Evolution From 1.0 To 12

Latest Android Operating System
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Do you have an android device and want to know what is the latest android operating system? The smartphone that you are using right now might have any of the android operating systems that have been launched until now. But until and unless you know what are the complete capabilities of your OS you won’t be able to use your device to its full potential. So, without any further chit chats, let’s get on to answering what is the newest android version and other doubts related to the same, one by one.

A Little Scoop About The Android Operation System

Google as we know it today, is one of the most popular search engines. But did you know Google is also responsible for developing Android, the most popular OS? This was designed for all smartphones, Google products, and even tablets, cars, smartwatches, etc.

Now, that the Android OS is so easily available and loved by users worldwide, it is in close competition with Apple’s iOS. When you are getting yourself a new smartphone, you have only two options in front of you, in terms of OS- Android and iOS. However, the former is more popular and that is why there are reports have that Android owned 71.93% of the mobile OS worldwide.

What Are The Different Versions Of Android?

Now, before we answer the question of what is the newest android version, let us get to know about the different android versions that have been launched in the market and are still in use.

1. Android 1.0

This is the first-ever Android version and was released in the year 2008. But it wasn’t always called the Android 1.0. Initially, it was called the Petit Four. What was new with the OS that you got a notification panel with all the notifications popping up and keeping you updated? Also, it didn’t have any keyboard on the screen but one that could be slid out.

2. Android 1.5 Cupcake

Google soon came up with its new and better version in the next year, 2009. This was also the first version to go with the desert name alphabetically. You could then use the screen keyboard, copy text and paste it on a different application, and access independent keyboard apps.

3. Android 1.6 Donut

The donut version focused on making the OS better for the user in terms of using the web browser and gallery. The newly introduced feature it has was the conversion of text to speech.

4. Android 2.0 Éclair

This new version made significant changes in the screen and display while also improving applications like camera, wallpaper, Bluetooth etc.

5. Android 2.2 Froyo

Froyo was launched in the year 2010 and it also has to do with how notifications appeared on the screen when the apps weren’t running.

6. Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Gingerbread version was the first one to support the selfie camera in android devices. It also worked on making the battery more efficient and useful.

7. Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Did you know that Android also developed an OS that was only to be used in tablets. Thus, the OS was designed accordingly to fit larger screens.

8. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

2011 saw the 4.0 version with features like capturing a screenshot, face unlock, photo editor etc. that are relevant today as well.

9. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

4.1 Android version focused a lot on introducing and improving the small gestures that make your everyday work so much easier.

10. Android 4.4 KitKat

It was one of the most popular android upgrades and rightly so. The highlighting feature however was the fact that this OS can be used for smartwatches and adjusted accordingly.

11. Android 5.0 Lollipop

Again, this is one of the versions you must have heard about before. It came up with a lot of interesting features like Search in the settings app, Wi-Fi calling, flashlight etc.

12. Android 6.0 Marshmallow

If you were missing the feature where you can allow certain permissions to some apps and restrict them to others, this android version has solved your problem. But, most importantly it has USB-C support meaning you can charge your phone quicker than ever.

13. Android 7.0 Nougat

The screen split feature that you see today and are thankful for has been introduced by this same android version.

14. Android 8.0 Oreo

This was that one Android version that made this OS accessible to devices of all price ranges. It also worked on the emojis and made them personalized.

15. Android 9.0 Pie

The reason why this version had a special place was that it realized the need of the hour and thus came up with this feature which helped you reduce your screen time.

16. Android 10

This version from Android is also known as the Android Q version and the best part about this one is the fact that it supports 5G. So, if you wanted to get a new smartphone make sure that it supports Android 10.

17. Android 11

This is the version that was released last year and that is precisely what makes it relevant than anything else.

18. Android 12

This is the latest android version 2021 and was launched in February. To know more about this latest android version 2021 stick to the next section.

What Is The Newest Android Version?

Though, android 11 is the latest version and is used in all devices be it smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets, Google has also launched the developer version of Android 12 so that the final result can be done by the mid or end of the year.

The android 11 version, also known as the latest android operating system mostly focuses on improving and enhancing notification and messaging features for its users.

So, what do you think, which one is best latest android operating system as per your opinion. Do let us know in the comment box about your views.

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