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Mobile phones are truly an amazing innovation and there are many interesting facts related to it. One of the questions that pop up in our brain now and then is which is the smallest phone?

With inventions, several interesting historical stories interest us but when it comes to inventions such as the invention of mobile phones that have changed how human beings are developing and evolving, the stories become even more interesting.

There are many features related to mobile phones that make it suitable for different needs and different types of consumers. For example, camera, size, battery, processor, display, sensors, etc. The one that will be catering to in today’s article is the size of a mobile phone.

The size of a mobile phone is mainly measured by the screen size and there are different variations available by different companies. While some are inclined towards small-sized mobile phones, others like to have big screen sizes to have a better display in terms of size and to enjoy watching videos, movies etc. For those of you who fall in the former category the question, which smallest phone is more relevant and we have the right answer as well.

World`s Smallest Smartphone

The Modu-T is said to be the smallest smartphone with a 240 x 320-pixel resolution. With this, you can imagine how small and compact this phone would be. Being a smartphone it has a touchscreen display and other features as well that you would not have expected from the smallest smartphone.

Now let us discuss some of the specifications of the world`s smallest smartphone.

Company name: Micromax

Size: 2.95” x 1.83” x 0.43”

Weight: 1.94 ounces

Display Type: TFT resistive touchscreen

Network Technology: GSM/ HSPA

Display size: 2.2 inches

Bluetooth: Version 2.1

GPS: A- GPS only

USB: micro USB 2.0

Battery Type: Removable Li-Ion 500 mAh battery

Music Play: Up to 10 hours

Colors: Black

Status: Discontinued

Features Of The Smallest Phone

Want to know more about Modu-T, which is the smallest smartphone? Well, here you go.

Modu-T was manufactured by Micromax in partnership with an Israel based company, Modu to bring the smallest and lightest smartphone. The phone that weighs about 55 grams was brought in India on October 22, 2010, but unfortunately, it is now discounted and you can no longer get your hands on it. 

Designed by Modu, this was not an Android phone, rather it ran on Qualcomm`s Brew operating system. The invention of mobile phones has some truly exciting facts but the smallest phone has a lot of them as well.

This smartphone came in the 3.5G version and you could insert a memory card of capacity 2 GB. However, the storage capacity can be extended to 32 GB as well. We must say that the extendable storage for the world`s smallest phone is quite impressive.

The world`s smallest phone had a lot of different features like instant messaging, web surfing, access to various social media platforms, FM radio, GPS, music player etc. In terms of applications, you could see YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr etc.

In India, ModuT was priced at Rs. 12,500 and came in two jackets- camerafy and sportfy.

The Most Interesting Fact about ModuT, the worlds smallest smartphone

Awarded a Guinness World Record for being the lightest smartphone ModuT was pretty basic until you connect it with a jacket. If you do not know what a jacket is, a jacket is a device that can be connected with multiple devices one at a time to use certain add-on features.

There are many jackets such as Camerafy, Spotify, Textfy etc. However, when you use ModuT with a Camerafy you can click pictures with a 5-megapixel camera. With Sportfy, you can track your exercise performance and enjoy music at the same time. Boostify helps you to do hands-free calling and listening to songs while Textify allows you to convert the phone with a physical keyboard that is helpful in typing text messages and emails.

This special technology of ModuT is truly a blessing when you want to make use of features that are not currently available on your smartphone. By being able to connect jackets with the smartphone and extending features, the users get the freedom of being able to use features such as hands-free calling, hands- free music, texting with a physical keyboard, tracking your exercising capabilities etc.

Moreover, to analyze if the world`s smallest smartphone was a worthy one we need to have a look at the pros and cons.


  • Screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels
  • 3G network enabled.
  • 5 Megapixel camera.


  • The camera had a low- resolution.
  • Does not have wi-fi, autofocus camera, and automatic screen brightness.

Compact Phones To Buy in 2020

The invention of mobile phones has led to a development in the field of technology and the introduction of various features. But, if you want to buy a phone which is compact, easy to carry and lightweight we have a few options for you which you can consider buying in 2020. Though, these are not the world`s smallest smartphones they have most of the benefits of it. Here are some of the options:

  1. iPhone SE 2020
  2. Google Pixel 4
  3. Samsung Galaxy S9
  4. Nokia 2.2
  5. Apple iPhone 8

All of these smartphones are pretty good with good specifications and justified price range.


Which is the smallest phone? A very intriguing question and the answer to it was equally interesting. With Modu, an Israel company Micromax decided to make the world`s smallest smartphone. This smartphone was not just the smallest but the most lightweight as well. This fact earned this smartphone a Guinness world record and it came to be known as the world`s smallest phone.

Initially, during the invention of mobile phones, they were bulky big and difficult to carry around. But since this was a mode of communication we needed to carry around it had to be small and compact. The one which is the smallest smartphone was exactly that. But since it is not available anymore we have to turn to other options and we have made sure to list some of them as well.

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