How To Use The iOS 9 iPad Split Screen?

iOS 9 iPad Split Screen
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If you are want to buy an iPad, you must know about the iOS 9 iPad split screen feature. This is one of the most exciting and interesting features that Apple has come up with.

The iPad is one of the most popular and well-received lines of devices from Apple. It all started in the year 2010 when the first iPad was released in April. Apple has now sold more than 500 million units of the iPad as it continued to introduce new generation iPads every year.

Today, however, we are talking about the iOS 9 and the most exciting feature, the iOS 9 iPad split screen.  This feature allows the users to get access to more than one application at a time. Simply put, you can view more than one app on your screen by having two separate windows there. This feature is quite useful when you are short of time and want to get work done ASAP.

Steps To Access iOS 9 iPad Split-Screen

Here is how you can increase your productivity and make the most out of your ios9 iPad.

Step 1: For you to use the split-screen feature, firstly you have to make sure that the apps you are using support this feature. The built-in apps on your iPad mostly support it. When it is a third-party app that you have installed from the app store make sure that it has that feature as well. This is very important to make sure that the feature works.

Step 2: Open the first application that you want to use.

Step 3: Now, to continue working on the app in the background or to make way for the second application you need to swipe from the right edge of the screen. You will see that the window size has reduced.

Step 3: To open the second app, swipe as you will normally do to open the list of applications installed on your device. Open the second application.

Step 4: You can move the window from one pace to another by dragging it. To resize the window, find the resize icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 5: If you wish to open another app on the front, find the black bar in the middle when you swipe from the right. You can again choose from the applications available.

How To Close The iOS 9 iPad Split-Screen?

Once you are done with one of the apps that you are using on the split-screen, you can follow the very simple steps mentioned below to get back to the normal screen.

Step 1: To begin with, how you close the app depends on the window that is opened on your screen. If you are viewing both of the apps in a way that they occupy 50% of the screen each, you need to drag the middle bar to either the left or right side. In this way, the app on the left will open in full-screen mode.

Step 2: In case, the second app is opened in a small window on top of the first one, all you have to do is drag it downward. Now you can see the app has moved to the right side of the screen. Move the bar to the right edge of the screen to close it.


Until and unless you use the iPad split-screen, you won’t know what a blessing it is. The ios9 iPad in itself is a very useful device and it eases your work 10 times more. And when you have the iOS 9 iPad split screen you can handle so many tasks at the same time.

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