What Was The Idea Behind Invention Of Mobile Phones?

Invention Of Mobile Phones
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Martin Cooper, the one who changed the world, did not even know that his 1973 “Invention of Mobile phones” would change the future of the world. At Motorola Company, Martin Cooper and his team led to the invention of mobile phones and boosting the communications industry. They created that one thing, which right now is ruling the entire world and most people use it for communications and it is called – cell phone.

Idea Behind Invention Of Mobile Phones

The size of the first and foremost mobile phone was that of a brick and was not able to sell for about a decade. It did sell out later, when the creator – Cooper demonstrated it on the New York sidewalk. As the competition lay between the highly leading companies, AT &T Bell Laboratories developed and applied the concept of cellular technology. So, this concept involves the call connection is not lost when mobile units moved from one cell to another cell while using the same frequency band.

Invention Of Mobile Phones

One important point to note is that AT&T Bell Labs were about to use this concept on the car phone. But the man behind Motorola Company had already applied this concept of technology over the portable devices. Cooper wanted the freedom of people to talk on the phone far away from their cars.

CNN Channel Ask Cooper: What made you think to move with the invention of mobile phones in 1973 and to meet eye to eye with AT&T’s concept of car phones?

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper Replied: In the year 1973, there was nothing, there were no LSI (Large Scale Integrated Circuits); there were no computers, no LCD screens, and many more. Applying the concept of phones in cars was being done for years with the same disadvantages as rotor dials. So, Motorola thought of going one step ahead of car phones and building phones for personal communications.

You know, being tied up at homes that have dial phones on the desk or in homes with long wires has limited advantages; one cannot speak conveniently to each other on either side of the phone. Then, what’s the point in placing this system again in cars.

Hence, Motorola and its team decided to give an amazing presentation by taking over the AT&T, and this could be done by developing a phone and giving that real experience of handheld personal conversation. So, this is the theory of what we developed.

Who And When Did That First Phone Call Was Made?

Invention of mobile phones

You must be aware of the same. The first public call was made to the head of the Cellular program at AT&T Bell Labs Joel S. Engel. When he attended the call, Cooper told him that I am calling you from a real cellular phone, which is a portable and a hand-held device.

When People Heard About Real Cell Phones, What Was The Reaction?

Well, people were dazzled by the first invention of mobile phones! It was unbelievable for them to know about it and it is fantastic to know that most of the people in the world would be able to use these phones. Everyone felt amazed and felt impossible to have a hand-held mobile phone that can be brought near to your ear, be portable, and make a call.

How First Invention Of Mobile Phone Was Tested?

1. During the 1973’s, there was not even a single cordless phone and it would result in doing a favor to people who stayed away. So, the phone was given to a lady who was a journalist during a press conference and asked her to make a call as a user experience. She call out her mother who lives in Australia and it worked!

After making the call she was filled with amusement, and the citizens of New York were standing with their mouths wide open and could not understand how this small phone could do this as she spoke to her mother.

mobile phones

2. During the next demonstration, our Company chairman was in Washington, this happen in early 1980s. He and George H. W. Bush, the Vice President visited there, and he showed them the new mobile and he was pleased by this new invention of mobile phones. He asked

What’s stopping us from using this technology?

Did you ever think about the phone being available to people around the world?

The reply was: We surely thought that everybody would have a cell phone, but never thought of visualizing it in my lifetime. We have almost manufactured about five to six billion phones to the world.

Advancements Made By Cell Phones

Invention of mobile phones

We were just dreamers and those dreams always kept us awake, and never believed that this can be made true by combining into one, and never sure that this would be the greatest invention. Over the years, since the first invention of mobile phones, these mobile phones have got updated and so qualified that it became so complicated to use.  What if a separate phone is invented only for the engineers? You know what, when the industry grows up, then different kinds of phones will be developed and might be helpful as well as dangerous too. One should know the bounds for the usage of phones and should not cross the limits.

Cooper-My wife developed a telephone which is quite simple to use, in a company started by my wife and me“.

What do you think, did the invention of mobile phones became dangerous with each update or it is still beneficial for us. Do let us know your views in the comments.

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