How Were The Phones Invented?

How were the phones invented
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The phones that we know today are a very evolved version of phones invented back in the day. What we have now are smartphones, phones that can do anything and everything. But, how did it all start?

You must be are of the term ‘cellular communication‘, the one that we are using now but, even before that happened people were able to communicate. However, the scenario was completely different from what you see today. Let’s see how it used to happen.

Before the invention of mobile phones, the mode of communication which was used was called 0G or Zero generation. A very important characteristic feature of this generation was that analog signals were used in the communication and thus it was analog.

However, since it was before the invention of cellular mobile phones, it is also known as pre cellular communication. Another name of this generation is the Mobile Radio Telephone System

Technologies Involved In Mobile Radio Telephone System

Now, since this system did not use any towers or networking how did these phones invented, work? Well, there were mainly four technologies that made communication possible even before the invention of mobile phones. The Technologies are

Push To Talk or PTT

Mobile Telephone Service or MTS

Improved Mobile Telephone Service or IMTS

Advanced Mobile Telephone System or AMTS.

How Did 0G Phones Transmit Signals?

If you are thinking these phones were similar to the ones that we used before mobile phones such as telephones then you are wrong. These phones preceded those times and were placed inside vehicles such as cars or trucks. However, even before these 0G phones came there were radiotelephone systems that were used to transfer messages and communicate through radio.

How Did Zero Generation Phones Look?

These phones were very different from today’s cell phones in terms of not just the technology and other technical aspects but the looks as well.  We as users have always wanted to work with devices that are lightweight, fast, and user-friendly. But, since this was the beginning and it was used in the 1940s, the looks and designs weren’t very easy to use and appealing. It consisted of two separate devices- a transceiver and the head. The head was placed near the seat and the transceiver was placed on the trunk of the vehicle. Both of these pieces were connected with a wire but still, not all of the users were able to use this device at the same time since only 25 channels were available at the moment.

Interesting Facts Related To Mobile Radio Telephone Systems

  • America`s first commercial mobile radiotelephone system came out in the year 1946.
  • Companies like Bell, Motorola, Ericsson, and Nokia came forward to develop the first mobile radiotelephone system.
  • The mobile radio system was approved by the FCC in the year 1970.
  • Due to several limitations of the 0G phones, what succeeded it was the 0.5G technology.
  • Motorola was the first company to operate a mobile radio-telephone system in the year 1946.

Phones invented before the cellular network was known as the zero generation phones but, since they were not quite efficient and helpful better technologies were invented and developed.

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