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Some software and processes can help you locate the location of an Android device when you misplace or lose the device, or are the victim of robbery. Here is Find my phone that can be used, provided you are linked to a cell or Wi-Fi network on your mobile phone. We strongly discourage people or for any criminal reason from using telephone trackers or usage of Find my phone.

You can locate your Android device on a different Android device signed into a Google account using the Find My Device website or through the Find My Device app (installed from the Google Play store) of Google.

  1. Open an application in a web browser or visit Google Find My Laptop.
  2. If you have one device, you can find my device on it immediately (or to its last known location when it was last powered on and connected to the internet).
  3. You can pick the computer icons at the top of the page if you have several devices.
  4. To remotely order the telephone for ringtone sound, select “Play Sound”.
  5. The sound is played irrespective of the phone volume configuration when the phone is activated and connected to the Internet.
  6. To prevent anyone from accessing the data on your phone, select “Secure Device”.
  7. A message or phone number may also be shown on the lock screen for computer retrieval.

If you have misplaced or stolen the phone you don’t expect to get it back, click “Erase Device” It cleans the phone and resets the phone to factory specifications.

How To Ensure That You Can Locate My Computer On Android?

Even if you don’t remember turning on Find My Device Service in Google, the good news is that it’s probably already on. If Google is linking an Android phone to a Google Account, it’s probably on by default. Here is how to check that you have access to your phone:

  1. Start the Settings app.
  2. Tap “Google.”
  3. On Google’s settings page, tap “Security.”
  4. Tap “Find My Device.”
  5. On the Find My Device page, make sure the feature is turned – the button should be swiped to the right.

Different Options For Different Phones

You may use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service

  1. If you have a Samsung phone like Samsung Galaxy S10.
  2. To use this you need a Samsung account.
  3. You will find the option to turn on or off the services in Settings > Biometry and Protection > Find My Mobile and choose to allow the remote unlocking and sending last place.
  4. Samsung stores your pin, password, or pattern with Remote Unlock so that you can unlock it even if it has been forgotten.
  5. You can also remotely control your smartphone.
  6. Send Last Location to the servers of Samsung when the battery is about to reveal the last known location of your device, so it is worth it.

For Android Users, Google’s Find My Device App Is A Must-Have App

 Find My Device will be activated automatically if you have attached a Google account to your Android device. The service is executed by going to Settings > Google > Protection > Find My Computer and verifying that you are turning on My Device.

On LG Smartphones

On an Android 10 running LG V40 ThinQ, the following sequence was registered. All devices you have signed in are monitored in one search. Tracking, remotely removal, playback, and locking of your device, including your phone, tablet, or smartwatch via GPS.

Traces You Phone With Find My Phone

As important business tools, small companies use Android phones. They are used by workers to hold business meetings, exchange communications with business partners, and online research. There are some reasons why a company would like to track a phone like this. You may want to verify the position or make sure that workers are at the designated sites for informational purposes. Services for tracking missing or stolen phones are also useful.

  1. Get your carrier to have a mobile monitoring service.
  2. For a nominal monthly fee, many carriers provide locator services.
  3. You will find up to four phones with the Sprint Family Locator.
  4. It operates on any Sprint phone and displays telephone positions on a map from a device or a cell telephone.
  5. Verizon provides the Family Locator that lets you track smartphones, tablets, or a PC for the location of telephones and get alerts on the location.
  6. Pick an application for third parties that monitor Android phones as an alternative to a carrier-based program.
  7. It doesn’t cost anything for LocateMyDroid and gets up quickly. It operates across every carrier around the world for users with Android 2.2+.
  8. The selected cell phone software is downloaded and installed. Go to the ‘Media Centre’ program, then go to the ‘New Application’ button, then go to ‘Free Subscription,’ then press the ‘OK’ button for a Verizon program.
  9. Click on ‘Yes’ and run the software after the down-laden.
  10. A text message with a temporary password is received for AT&T Family Map.
  11. Go to the Android Market on your computer and download your desired application for LocateMyDroid and other applications.
  12. You can install the software, but if not, go to the notifications and run the app.
  13. Follow the telephone from the site.
  14. You will be provided with a website address to connect from your device or mobile phone. Click “locate” It also displays a map and includes a street address to make it easier to navigate.


All these easy steps will help the user to how to use the find my phone feature in there. As we have discussed earlier in this article only that how it is a very useful tool to be used for every android user and with the help of this one can find or trace their respective phones. You can also check out other guides on find my phone.

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Do let us know in comments which guide is helpful for you.

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