How To Unlock Android Without A Password?

How To Unlock Android
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Are you in desperate need to know how to unlock android without a password? Let us help you with that. Not being able to get in your smartphone because you were busy with other things and forgot your password is not a good feeling. But who said there is not a way out? Because we have not one, not two but so many methods that will tell you how to unlock android when you don’t remember the password or pattern.

Method 1: Use Your Google Account

You might have forgotten your screen lock or password but it is quite rare that you forget your Google account and password. So, here is how you can make use of that to know how to unlock an android phone without a password:

1.Try entering the incorrect password or drawing the incorrect pattern five times. The next time you do it, you will get a message asking you to try again after 30 seconds.

2.But, look at the bottom left corner of your screen and you will see the option ‘Forgot password’. Click on it.

3.You will be asked to either answer a question or enter your Google account details. Go with the second option.

4.Type the username and password, sign in and once the device recognizes you as the owner you can unlock the screen.

Method 2: Using The Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a multipurpose tool that can help you with a lot of things related to your device. Unlocking your phone without the password is just one of those.

1. Click here on another android device and through the option sign in, sign in with the account that is logged in your locked smartphone.

2.You will get a list of things you want to do with your smartphone like play, lock, erase, etc.

3.In the next dialogue box that has appeared in front of you, set up a new password, confirm and click on Lock.

4.Once you are done, enter the new password in your locked device, and off you go.

Method 3: Using Backup PIN

Your phone always makes sure that you have all possible ways to get into your phone even if you have been locked out of it. One of such ways is a backup PIN that you must have been asked to set when you were setting up a PIN for the first time. So, that is another way you know is how to unlock an android phone without the PIN.

1.Enter the incorrect PIN at least five times.

2.Then you will get a message to try again in 30 seconds. But, in the bottom-most corner on the right side, you will see the option ‘Backup PIN’.

3.Click on it, enter the Backup PIN and you will have the device unlocked then and there.


Getting locked out of your phone is one such unexpected problem that can happen anytime and anywhere. Hopefully one of the methods will work for you when you don’t how to unlock your android phone without knowing the password.

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