How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset?

How to unlock android phone password without factory reset
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Have you forgotten your phone’s password and want to know how to unlock the android phone password without a factory reset? Then this is the right webpage you have landed on.

Locking your phone with a password is the reason you get a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to worry about someone getting unauthorized access to your mobile phone. But what if you forget the password yourself? Typically, you get five to six chances to enter the right password. Failing which you could never get to access your data again. Thus, you must know how to unlock your android phone password without factory reset.

Different Ways To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset

Herein, you must be expecting from us that one full proof method that will teach you how to unlock android phone passwords without factory reset. But, why settle with one when you can have so many methods to do the same thing, right?

Method 1: Using An Additional Software

The easiest way to unlock your phone password without the factory reset is to take the help of software that is designed to do exactly that. The one we are talking about today is the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. It allows you to unlock your phone without any hassle. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download the Tenorshare 4uKey for android. You will have to download this software on your PC and not the phone.

Step 2: Once the software has been downloaded, open it and click on ‘Install’.

Step 3: Once it is installed you will be able to run the application. At this point, you need to connect your phone to the PC with the help of a USB cable.

Step 4: When your mobile phone is connected successfully, a message will be displayed on the screen stating whether it is Samsung or Realme or anything else. On the screen, you also see the option ‘Remove Screen Lock. Click on it.

Step 5: On the next dialogue box, click on ‘Start’. Then for the next one you will have to agree for the software to remove all the data before you can gain access to your phone. For that, you need to click on ‘Yes.

Once all that is done, you can see that your phone is getting unlocked. Once the process is 100% complete you can disconnect the phone and start using it again.

Method 2: By Using Google’s Find My Device Feature

This is perhaps the easiest method you will come across on how to unlock an android phone without factory reset. So, here we go:

Step 1: To access Google’s Find my device feature you will have to find a separate mobile phone. Go to the Android Device Manager and then Find My Device. If not, visit Google device manager on your PC.

Step 2: Now you need to Login with the same account that is signed in and create a new password for yourself.

Step 3: Log in with the newly generated password for yourself and you will then be able to unlock your mobile phone.

Method 3: Using The Forgot Pattern/ Forgot Password Feature

Most mobile phones these days, come with this feature ‘Forgot Password’, and this method is the most helpful for those who don’t have a laptop, PC, or spare smartphone by their side at the moment. So, let’s see how to unlock an android password without factory reset and by using the Forgot Password feature.

Step 1: If you look at the lock screen of your device, you won’t be able to find the Forgot Password feature. And to get the feature you will have to get enter the wrong password or pattern at least five times.

Step 2: Once you do that, you can see the ‘Forgot Password’ or ‘Forgot Pattern’ option. This option is typically present on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Choosing this option will require you to enter the backup pin you must have created when you were choosing the password.

Step 4: You can also choose to sign with your Google account and then unlock your device.


These were our top three methods on how to gain access to your android device if you have forgotten the password. All of these three passwords have different requirements and different ways. So, if you don’t have a PC or laptop with you at the moment you can go for the third method where we teach you how to unlock your android by just entering the wrong password or pattern five times. So, when you have landed on our article on how to unlock android phone password without factory reset, you are surely going to take something from it.

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