How To Recover Data From Locked Android?

How To Recover Data From Locked Android
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How to recover data from a locked Android phone is probably one of the toughest things you can ask someone. We say this because it is quite difficult to gain access to a phone’s internal memory or data when the screen is locked. But, don’t you worry. We have got it figured out for you.

But why is it so tough to answer the question of how to recover data from locked android? Well, you have to understand when a device is locked, you cannot even access the data at the moment and we are talking about how to recover data from locked android. We think now you do understand the gravity of the situation.

However, to answer your question let us acknowledge the fact that when our android device is locked our first instinct would be to connect it to a PC or laptop. But we are sorry to disappoint you that even that won’t work here. This is because when you connect your android device to the PC through a USB cable, the PC cannot directly access the phone’s internal memory. And thus, we have to look for alternatives.

Here are some of the solutions we have come up with. Follow the steps as mentioned and you won’t have any trouble recovering data from a locked android phone.

Method 1: Unlock The Phone. Duh!

When your phone is unlocked the process of recovering data becomes so much easier. So, we think your first focus should be on how to unlock that android device. Once that is done, you have a hundred ways in which you can recover the lost data. You can try either of these methods to unlock your devices:

1. Try the ‘Forgot Password/ Forget Pattern’ option.

2. Use software that will help you to remove the screen lock.

3. Select the Recovery mode and wait for your phone to restart.

Method 2: Use Minitool

The second method is by far the best method that we have come across when you want to recover data out of a locked android device. The software that we will be using is called MiniTool. However, before we get started make sure that your android device has been rooted before so that the software can work. Now, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Download the software.

2. Now when the software is getting downloaded, connect your android device to the PC.

3. When the software is finished downloading, install it and get it ready to run.

4. Now open the application and you have two options in front of you. Choose ‘Recover from Phone’.

5. The next window asks you to choose the kind of data you want to recover. Whether it is contacts, messages, or photos. Also, you need to choose between Quick scan and Deep scan depending upon your needs.

6. Click on Next and you have all the data that was deleted from all the categories. Just tick on the ones you wish to store on your computer and click on ‘Recover’. And you are done.

Method 3: Using Android Data Recovery Software

In case you are having any trouble downloading the previous software, you can go for this one. The steps on this one are quite similar as well.

1. Download the software depending on the operating system. They have a version for Windows and Mac.

2. Connect your android device to the PC through a USB cable and enable USB debugging.

3. Open the software and choose the option ‘Data Recovery’. Next, choose the kind of files you wish to recover.

4. Also, choose the kind of scan you wish to go with. It can either be a quick scan for deleted files or scan all files.

5. Click on Next and the software will start with recovering all the data.

6. In the next window, you can see all the data and you need to choose whether you want to Recover to the device or Recover to the computer.


Who would have thought that you can not only gain access to a phone’s lost data but also recover it when the device is locked? But with the above-mentioned methods, this is now a cakewalk for you. All you have to do is install the required software and follow the steps. We hope how to recover data from locked android is no more a mystery for our readers.

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