How To Hack Android Phone Remotely?

How To Hack Android Phone Remotely
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Don’t judge yourself for wondering how to hack android phone remotely. It has become a very common issue today and you can hack almost any smartphone you want if you are aware of the how-to.

Android indeed is one of the most popular operating systems today. But it has its disadvantages. The most common one being the fact that it is quite to get into an android smartphone than an iPhone. Thus, the answer for how to hack an android phone remotely gets ten times easier.

Four Remote Ways To Hack Android Phone

We bet you didn’t see that one coming. As we mentioned earlier, hacking someone’s phone is not as baffling as it might seem. So, here we are with four methods as an answer to your question, how to hack an android phone remotely.

Method 1: Sending Control Messages Via SMS

One of the ways for you to hack an android phone remotely is by sending SMSes. Now, there are two ways in which you can do so. The first one is through Midnight raids which allow the hacker to access the web browser, extract data from it and also make for any virus. This usually happens when the user is away from the phone during the night and hence, the name.

Secondly, hackers opt for control message attacks. These messages allow the hackers to get into the phone’s settings which is a big deal, to be honest.

Method 2: Using Malicious Software

If you are wondering about how to hack an android phone remotely, you must know about malicious software and other such ways that can be helpful. Most of the time, this malicious software comes in the disguise of random videos while scrolling through social media, links on the web browser, etc.

Some of the malware that you can look into are SIMjacker, WIBattack, etc. These can be used to catch hold of any personal data and even track almost all activities of the device’s owner. Moreover, this malware works by taking advantage of a loophole in the device’s security through the SIM card.

Method 3: By Using Spywares

Spyware is another type of malicious software that is installed in the owner’s device without his knowledge. This might be considered as the full proof answer for how to hack an android phone remotely.

One such spyware is Spyfone that lets you get hold of the user’s calls, contacts, location, gallery, apps installed, etc.

Method 4: Using Spynote

Spynote is a remote administration tool that allows you to get access to any android phone in few simple tools. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Download JAVA from the official website of Oracle.

Step 2: The next step is to download Spynote so that we can get on with hacking the phone.

Step 3: The next thing we require is a dynamic host. Let us tell you how to do that without getting into too many details. Visit and sign up as a user. Now, add a host by clicking on the option and save the host.

Step 4: Next, download DUC

Step 5: Up next, you are required to find your gateway IP. You can do this by going to Command Prompt and typing ipconfig.

Step 6: Paste this gateway IP into your browser.

Step 7: The other requirement that we have is that of an APK server for the smartphone we are getting into. In the Spynote folder, you will find the option SpyNote.exe. open and enter 2222 when prompted.

Step 8: We are now into the SpyNote GUI.

Step 9: Click on the Tools and then on Build.

Step 10: On the screen that appears in front of you, change the hostname and the other few settings followed by the Build button.

Step 11: Now that the APK folder is created, just copy it on the smartphone and install it. There are a lot of ways for you to get the APK folder installed on the phone remotely.

Step 12: Once it is installed you will get a notification and there, you have successfully gained access to the android phone.


At first, it might seem that hacking a phone whether remotely or not is one hell of a task. But, once you know how it all goes and you have a step-by-step guide like the fourth method you can easily know how to hack android phone remotely.

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